» » The Rescue of the Pioneer's Daughter (1910)

Short summary

A party of pioneers decide upon a site for their new home and unpack their belongings. Some months later they are visited by an Indian chief and two of his companions. The pioneer sits in friendly confab with the Indian until he learns his errand. The chief has come to propose for the hand of the pioneer's daughter. This proposition is listened to with horror and the Indian's gift refused. The other settlers are called and they all drive the intruders away. The Indians resent the repulse and a reward is offered for the capture of the white girl. At a time when the men folks leave the settlement to go for provisions the Indians steal upon the women, overcome their guard and, after burning the cabin, make the girl captive. The settlers reach their home in time to save the women and learn of the disaster and all start in pursuit. They are led through hazardous passes but are successful in fighting down most of the Indians. The one bearing the girl, however, reaches the summit of a steep ...

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