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The precinct's newest detective is convinced that his colleagues are on the take and asks not to be included.

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    • Author: FLIDER
    "Dorsey" introduced Paul Lieber (second of four) to the squad room as Det. Sgt. Eric Dorsey, who starts off on the wrong foot with the assumption that his new teammates are on the take ("I just figure what you got here is you gotta bunch of older guys pretty bitter about bein' stuck in some bush league precinct, who's got nothing better to do than figure out ways to line their pockets!"). Dietrich shares his memories of being the newest member at the 12th, revealing himself to still be bitter! Edward Devoe (Andrew Bloch, first of two) is a proud heroin junkie, who eventually cracks and reveals the name of his supplier (Cal Gibson, last of three), his attempt at a generous bribe finding no takers. Michael Lombard (third of four) plays disgruntled smoker Kenneth Pryor, who accuses an anti-smoking clinic of behaving like barbaric Nazis ("on the commercials they make it look so nice, one day you're smokin' like a chimney, next day you're walkin' on the beach with your pants rolled up!"). Harris delights in blowing smoke in the face of Bill Adelson (Darrell Zwerling), the head of 'New York Institute for Smokers' Modification,' who proudly boasts that at one time he once smoked three packs a day, weighed 250 pounds, and was a heavy boozer ("but after counter-conditioning treatments, today I have absolutely no desire for a cigarette, or alcohol, or food!").
  • Episode complete credited cast:
    Hal Linden Hal Linden - Capt. Barney Miller
    Max Gail Max Gail - Det. Stan 'Wojo' Wojciehowicz
    Ron Glass Ron Glass - Det. Ron Harris
    Steve Landesberg Steve Landesberg - Det. Sgt. Arthur Dietrich
    Ron Carey Ron Carey - Officer Carl Levitt
    Darrell Zwerling Darrell Zwerling - Bill Adelson
    Andrew Bloch Andrew Bloch - Edward Devoe
    Cal Gibson Cal Gibson - Mr. King
    Michael Lombard Michael Lombard - Kenneth Pryor
    Paul Lieber Paul Lieber - Det. Sgt. Eric Dorsey
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