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Short summary

An ex drug addict tells his hilarious adventure on his way to find heroin, mid August, in Athens.

Tsiou was a low budget film, the cost was under 1000 Euro.

The shooting lasted 16 days with 8-10 hours per day.

Tsiou Cut only 3-4 thousand tickets but acquired cult status via the internet and pirate DVD.

The shooting lasted 16 days for 8-10 hours per day.

User reviews

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    • Author: Rainpick
    Tsiou is the name of a junkie that is searching for heroin in Athens in the middle of August, a time where traditionally everyone is away on vacation and every dealer is out of town. But everyone else is looking too and it won't be easy to find with so many competition around.

    An excellent independent comedy that despite its low budget depends on its characters and succeeds to entertain.

    Tsiou the junkie played by Parisis is excellent and writer/ director Makis Papadimitratos is very talented!

    On top of that there is an excellent music score that glues the whole film together.
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    • Author: Tyler Is Not Here
    Tsiou is a comedy that gains more and more admirers through the years especially among people of younger ages. The film manages to capture the atmosphere of an abandoned Athens in the middle of august. A circle of misconceptions starts when a junkie is looking for his heroin dose in the abandoned city. This is one of the few times that you get to see in film how the real Athens looks like not only in the areas cleaned up for the 2004 Olympics(in order to show to the outside world the new clean look of the city). Îts a glimpse on Omonoia square and the area around it, and of course the junkies that live in these places. Beside the dialog is smart, fast and at most times hilariously funny. I just wished more filmmakers followed the example of this low budget beautiful film and presented us with films that are real and true in their intentions.
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    Alexandros Parisis Alexandros Parisis - Tsiou
    Makis Papadimitratos Makis Papadimitratos - Nondas
    Anastasis Kolovos Anastasis Kolovos - Giannis
    Jenny Theona Jenny Theona - Jenny
    Kalliopi Tzermani Kalliopi Tzermani - Stella
    Makis Arvanitakis Makis Arvanitakis - Takos
    Giannis Mitas Giannis Mitas - Bill
    Nikitas Papadopoulos Nikitas Papadopoulos - Nikitas
    Vasiliki Kypraiou Vasiliki Kypraiou - Agni
    Stratos Sopilis Stratos Sopilis - Angelos
    Christos Darakatsis Christos Darakatsis - Shop Owner
    Petros Giorkatzis Petros Giorkatzis - Akris
    Foteini Kardakou Foteini Kardakou - Pipini
    Max Max - Max
    Errikos Litsis Errikos Litsis - Stelios
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