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Short summary

Claudia and Steve join a Civil War reenactment to retrieve a flask that is making the battle a bit too realistic for one of the recruits. Pete crashes his ex-wife's wedding to retrieve an ancient Egyptian mechanical bee that has the wedding party thinking the bride is their queen. And Pete explains to Myka why he kept this part of his life a secret.

When Claudia and Steve neutralize an artifact during the Civil War re-enactment, causing the usual sparks and lightnings, an extra in Civil War attire stops and says: "Damn Trekies! Always have to crash the party!". This is a humorous reference to Jeri Ryan, who played the character "Seven of Nine" on Star Trek: Raumschiff Voyager (1995) and "crashed" the Warehouse 13 cast in this episode as the featured guest star playing Pete's ex-wife Amanda Lattimer.

The filming location for Amanda's Pocono wedding Castle was Casa Loma in Toronto. This location was a Welsh Castle in a previous episode.

Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Eddie McClintock Eddie McClintock - Pete Lattimer
Joanne Kelly Joanne Kelly - Myka Bering
Saul Rubinek Saul Rubinek - Artie Nielsen
Allison Scagliotti Allison Scagliotti - Claudia Donovan
Genelle Williams Genelle Williams - Leena
Aaron Ashmore Aaron Ashmore - Steve Jinks
Jeri Ryan Jeri Ryan - Amanda Lattimer
Anthony Lemke Anthony Lemke - Michael Martin
Holly Dennison Holly Dennison - Castle Coordinator
Bernadette Couture Bernadette Couture - Bridesmaid #1
Angelica Lisk-Hann Angelica Lisk-Hann - Bridesmaid #2 (as Angelica Lisk)
Susan Horton Susan Horton - Bridesmaid #3 (as Susan Monique Horton)
Simon Northwood Simon Northwood - Groomsman #1
Allen Keng Allen Keng - Groomsman #2
Christopher Cordell Christopher Cordell - Groomsman #3
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