» » The F.B.I. The Harvest (1965–1974)

Short summary

In Pennsylvania, two of three bank robbers are slain and the haul is stolen. The third robber is taken into custody and admits he was part of the robbery but isn't able to provide Erskine many details. Meanwhile, George Wilson and James Reed, who killed the robbers, have traveled to northern California, intending to pull another job. A third man, who set up the killing of the banker robbers, tries to flee the country but is captured by Erskine and Colby. At the same time, Wilson, who has gotten a job at a winery in California, has fallen in love with Lisa, who runs the winery. Wilson wants to give up on the planned job but Reed won't let him. The FBI is on the trail of Wilson and Reed but the question is whether the bureau can catch up to the criminals in time.

Episode cast overview:
Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Efrem Zimbalist Jr. - Inspector Lewis Erskine
Philip Abbott Philip Abbott - Arthur Ward
William Reynolds William Reynolds - Special Agent Tom Colby
Diane Baker Diane Baker - Lisa
Robert Duvall Robert Duvall - Joseph Troy
Burt Brinckerhoff Burt Brinckerhoff - George Wilson
Larry Gates Larry Gates - James Reed
Rodolfo Hoyos Jr. Rodolfo Hoyos Jr. - Martinez
Hal Lynch Hal Lynch - Billy Roy Silker
James McCallion James McCallion - Thornton
John Considine John Considine - SRA Boyd Taylor
Lew Brown Lew Brown - SAC Allen Bennett
Frank Jamus Frank Jamus - SA Clay Ashland
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