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Long after the end of the world, five strangers sharing an abandoned desert motel are forced to decide between love and survival.

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    • Author: Gabar
    Bob's review intrigued me. I do feel drawn to the speculative fiction of post apocalypse disaster . Notice I didn't use phrases such as "I like the genre" or "I enjoy the genre" because the idea of civilisation collapsing and having to survive via merciless Darwinian amorality means I wouldn't survive two minutes in this nightmarish world. It's also nice to see this type of scenario without survivors trying to outrun a gang of hyperactive zombies

    If nothing else Brandon Zuck has made a great looking little short . The framing and cinematography is superb and as the Sunset across the desert landscape I could almost feel the last rays of sunlight hit me while the evening breeze blew across my skin

    If there's a problem it's the story is very slight. There's little revealing backstory to the disaster or to the survivors but there doesn't have to be. The problem is the marketing tagline is "Who you going to be ?" and any subtext involving this seems to be forgotten. A pity because I was impressed by the visuals , the story less so. As I said though it's zombie free and that's no bad thing
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    • Author: Lonesome Orange Kid
    Oh good another short film set in a post-apocalyptic world which consists of a desert location, some individual buildings, and a young cast who still manage to look like they came off a photoshoot. So far, so very obvious; and mostly it must be said the film doesn't totally shake off the tired genre that it is set in. However, the professionalism of the delivery just about carries it across. It has a good look with a lot of style in there, but not enough to break the feeling of place.

    The plot asks you to go along with a lot of conveniences but it mostly engages thanks to some good dialogue which creates a sense of the stakes, and/or makes the viewer interested to see where it is going. The themes of boundaries of sexuality, or rather of strict definitions is there if you want it, but personally I thought that could have linked in more to the similar lack of clarity on the definitions of good/bad within the characters. The film deserves credit for being a solid watch in a mostly tired genre, and although it is not something brilliant, it is solid enough to hold the attention with what it does reasonably well.
  • Cast overview:
    Josh Smith Josh Smith - Max
    Zach Smith Zach Smith - Liam
    Shalini Bathina Shalini Bathina - Lila
    Brandon Tyler Harris Brandon Tyler Harris - Jagger
    Maverick McConnell Maverick McConnell - Bobby
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