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Short summary

"Flora's Room" is a web series for kids. The main concept of this project is to turn the room where the protagonist has just moved in into the one of her dreams. The aims of this project are to develop the creativity, the fantasy, to have fun, avoid boredom and to learn how to feel comfortable with a new place and a new situation (which many children today have to face, for many reasons: parents jobs, divorces etc. - moving and changing has become quite usual). The mini-series is made of six episodes. Following the success on the web, the team organized a series of live episodes and charitable initiatives, supporting different charity foundations for children in need. The foundations that "Flora's Room" is supporting at the moment are: Children with Cancer UK, Love is Louder, EMERGENCY, WWF and Greenpeace. The first live episode of the project was filmed during a village fair in Sardinia (Italy). The event was run together with the organization "Zampaverde" (Pro Loco Arbus).

Series cast summary:
Francesca Floris Francesca Floris - Herself - Host 7 episodes, 2012-2015
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