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Lynda Tillman's son Derek disappeared in what is purportedly a haunted house and she wants physicist and debunker of supernatural phenomena Leviticus Mitchell to prove it was the work of ghosts. Derek used to go to the house in question to be alone and when she subsequently visited the house, Lynda says she could hear whispered voices. The police believe that Derek simply ran away and while Mitchell believes there has to be a logical explanation for the boy's disappearance, he agrees to look into it. He learns that Derek's girlfriend, Nadia Torrance, disappeared around the same time. When they find a room behind a walled-up doorway, they see it's a laboratory and find what may be a meteorite. Mitchell soon learns that there is a scientific explanation for what has happened, even if it is other worldly.

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    • Author: Nagis
    For me, what defines the quality of a sci-fi TV show episode, is the feasibility of the scientific oddity presented, the story of the characters surrounding it and the acting qualities of the actors.

    The story about the struggle of divorced parents was understandable and I think the actors did a good job. Especially mom not approving of her sons girlfriend.

    The science of the substance in the haunted house was entertaining, but it failed in having the victims remaining alive in some form. However, that did make for some nice special effects. Overall, this episode to me was entertaining, but definitely not the best in this series.
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    • Author: Ka
    The son of divorced parents, whose mother forbids him seeing a troubled girl, uses an abandoned house to still see her. But one night after going to the house they both disappear without a trace. Police believe them to be runaways, but the mother does not give up on the conviction that her son is dead and takes matters into her own hands.

    The episode is totally unoriginal, but based on previous experience I didn't expect it anyway, so I won't take lack of originality against it. This is a classic story about a haunted house, only instead of ghosts it uses a quasi-scientific outcome and this combination of horror and SF is quite interesting and additionally empowered by solid acting and effects unexpectedly good for this type of series. If you're not a picky nagger, it's quite enjoyable.

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    • Author: Anarasida
    This is a haunted house story. It involves a couple of kids who enjoy drinking and fooling around in a spooky old house. One night they disappear without a trace. The focus then goes to two people, both of whom have appeared on a talk show that has investigated paranormal experiences. The woman is the mother of the missing boy; the man a debunker of supernatural experiences. The two come together as mild adversaries. She talks him into going to the house because in a previous visit, she has heard eerie sounds. As they test the waters, they begin to notice odd things happening and more strange sounds. He struggles to attribute them to natural phenomena. The police become involved when an unbalanced vagrant is found in the place and the strange events are attributed to him. Of course, this won't be the end of it. This is both a ghost story about a house that takes on an anthropomorphic presence and a story of people who have endured tragedy. If one watches enough movies and has had a dose of the X-Factor, this is pretty much old school.
  • Episode complete credited cast:
    Dwight Schultz Dwight Schultz - Leviticus Mitchell
    Alberta Watson Alberta Watson - Lynda Tillman
    Tom McBeath Tom McBeath - Detective Roth
    Molly Parker Molly Parker - Jennifer
    Ryan Reynolds Ryan Reynolds - Derek Tillman
    Elisabeth Rosen Elisabeth Rosen - Nadia Torrance
    Frank C. Turner Frank C. Turner - Luther
    Robert Lewis Robert Lewis - Gould
    Garvin Cross Garvin Cross - Officer #1
    Gary Jones Gary Jones - TV Host
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