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Group of boy scouts capture scout from another troop and take him as a prisoner while the camping does not stop, then they take him back to the camp, where they meet the other boy scouts.

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    • Author: Golden freddi
    Small gestures. short dialogues. as pieces of the portrait of an age. and this does "El prisionero" interesting - the ambiguity of roles, the need to be accepted, the relativity of events and the freshness of a fragile univers. a film about few scouts and a competition and about the relations between teenagers. nothing new. nothing special. but the best part of a short film who not demonstrate something. only remembering the air and colors and rhytm of a special age.
  • Credited cast:
    Deivi Duarte Deivi Duarte
    Fernando Pachano Fernando Pachano
    Juan Pacheco Juan Pacheco
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