» » Vegas All Kinds of Love (1978–1981)

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Bea meets a guy while on vacation and gets engaged. She brings him to Vegas to meet everyone and when Dan sees him he recognizes him as the man who took a girl he was seeing years ago from. Later she died mysteriously and he walked away with her money. Unfortunately Dan's word is not enough so he tries to find someone who knew him then and at the same time he tries to take care of Dan before he ruins his plan.

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    • Author: Voodoosida
    This is a well-done episode, except for the writers trying to maintain the status quo at the end. This would have been a good episode for Phyllis Davis' exit from the series. Could Tanna ever work with Bea again after she completely disbelieved him? In reality, their relationship would be irreparably broken. Ah well - that's an Aaron Spelling show for you.
  • Episode cast overview:
    Robert Urich Robert Urich - Dan Tanna
    Greg Morris Greg Morris - Lt. David Nelson
    Bart Braverman Bart Braverman - Bobby 'Binzer' Borso
    Phyllis Davis Phyllis Davis - Beatrice Travis
    Dennis Cole Dennis Cole - Miles Glover / Drew Marley
    Allan Miller Allan Miller - Dick Luther
    Heather Hobbs Heather Hobbs - Julie
    Ernest Sarracino Ernest Sarracino - Minister
    Courtney Pledger Courtney Pledger - Susan
    K.C. Winkler K.C. Winkler - Mitzy
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