» » Castaways Mrs. Thompson and the Convict King (1978– )

Short summary

In 1849 a boat party from HMS "Rattlesnake", on a survey of the islands in Torres Strait, came upon a white woman living amongst the aboriginals. She was Barbara Thompson, a 21 year old Scots girl, who had been shipwrecked there with her husband four years before. All were drowned except Barbara, who was adopted by the tribe on the island and married a chief. She recounted how an escaped Irish convict had, during the 1830s, established himself as king of the islands in the middle of the strait. He was a wild white man given to head-hunting and killing. He had tried twice to abduct Barbara from her tribe.

Episode credited cast:
Ellen Arthur Ellen Arthur - Typati
Joe Billy Joe Billy - Zogo High Priest
Rex Liddy Rex Liddy - Boroto
Patrick McCarville Patrick McCarville - Wini
Kassie McLuskie Kassie McLuskie - Barbara Thompson
Edmun Ober Edmun Ober - Zogo Priest
Alo Papum Alo Papum - Deposed Chief
John Rocky John Rocky - Paiquai
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