» » Don Nicolás Den, Irish Pioneer to Santa Barbara (2014)

Short summary

Based on Walker Tompkins book 'Santa Barbara's Royal Rancho,' this documentary tells the story of Irish immigrant Nicholas Den and his beloved Dos Pueblos Ranch. Den came to Santa Barbara in 1836 when the population of the Mexican adobe town was a mere 900. He quickly learned Spanish and immersed himself in the culture of the Spanish Dons, changing his name to Nicolas. Over the next twenty-five years he was to have lasting impact on Santa Barbara history, including saving the Santa Barbara Mission from secularization. Narrated by prominent local historians, and filmed at historic locations, this film offers a rare view into the early days of Santa Barbara,

Credited cast:
Ruairi Bateson Ruairi Bateson - Den's father (voice)
Bobby Baumann Bobby Baumann - Gold miner 1 (as Robert Baumann)
Ryan Baumann Ryan Baumann - Gold miner 2
Mark Bodiani Mark Bodiani - Tom Meehan
David Bradstreet David Bradstreet - Daniel Hill
Kasey Bryant Kasey Bryant - Powers Gang Member
Gianna Cininelli Gianna Cininelli - Saloon Madam
Jodi DeMarcos Jodi DeMarcos - Dancing senora
Mehosh Dziadzio Mehosh Dziadzio - Sheriff Twist
Tina Foss Tina Foss - S.B. Mission Museum Director
Lynn Gamble Lynn Gamble - Herself (voice)
Gisele Goena Gisele Goena - Senora / dancer
Graham Goodfield Graham Goodfield - Jack Powers
Erin Graffy Erin Graffy - Herself / Narrator (voice)
Ryan Grau Ryan Grau - Nicholas Den (as Ryan von Grau)
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