» » Rikos Episode #2.6 (2007–2012)

Short summary

Saturday, November 19-Sunday, November 20. Lund demands that the grave of the dead soldier Per K. Møller be dug up, but her theory that the coffin is empty is proven wrong. She is suspended from the investigation and takes time to attend her mother's wedding until developments bring her back into action. Buch brings his assistant Karina Munk back after she resigned, despite permanent secretary Plough's objections. They pay a visit to former minister Monberg, who has gained consciousness at the hospital, to find out what he knows about the ongoing case.

Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Sofie Gråbøl Sofie Gråbøl - Sarah Lund
Nicolas Bro Nicolas Bro - Thomas Buch
Charlotte Guldberg Charlotte Guldberg - Karina Munk Jørgensen
Preben Kristensen Preben Kristensen - Carsten Plough
Ken Vedsegaard Ken Vedsegaard - Jens Peter Raben
Stine Prætorius Stine Prætorius - Louise Raben
Flemming Enevold Flemming Enevold - Torsten Jarnvig
Morten Suurballe Morten Suurballe - Lennart Brix
Mikael Birkkjær Mikael Birkkjær - Ulrik Strange
Søren Pilmark Søren Pilmark - Erik König
Lotte Andersen Lotte Andersen - Ruth Hedeby
Kurt Ravn Kurt Ravn - Gert Grue Eriksen
Lars Sidenius Lars Sidenius - Gunnar 'Præst' Torpe
Carsten Bjørnlund Carsten Bjørnlund - Christian Søgaard
Anne Marie Helger Anne Marie Helger - Vibeke Lund
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