» » BeetleBorgs How Does Your Garden Grow? (1996–1998)

Short summary

Little Ghoul says she's bored and Flabber is bewildered about how to keep her entertained. Jo suggests gardening and Little Ghoul loves the idea. Nukus overhears them and replaces Little Ghouls's regular seeds with bad seeds that grow into a big cactus which she names Emily. When Emily comes to life and terrorizes the resident monsters, the BeetleBorgs must destroy Emily without devastating Little Ghoul, who has become quite fond of her pet cactus.

Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Wesley Barker Wesley Barker - Drew McCormick / Chromium Gold Beetleborg
Herbie Baez Herbie Baez - Roland Williams / Titanium Silver Beetleborg
Brittany Konarzewski Brittany Konarzewski - Jo McCormick / Platinum Purple Beetleborg
Christopher Cho Christopher Cho - Nukus
Billy Forester Billy Forester - Flabber
Claudine Barros Claudine Barros - Horribelle
Marshal Hilton Marshal Hilton - Les Fortunes
Vivian Smallwood Vivian Smallwood - Nano
Channe Nolen Channe Nolen - Abbie
Blake Torney Blake Torney - Mums
David Fletcher David Fletcher - Frankenbeans
Joe Hackett Joe Hackett - Count Fangula
Frank Addela Frank Addela - Wolfgang (as Frank Tahoe)
Lina Godouse Lina Godouse - Little Ghoul
Kyle Jordan Kyle Jordan - Vilor
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