» » BeetleBorgs Roboborg (1996–1998)

Short summary

The kids are inserting the coins into the sword while, at the Crypt, Les is disguising himself to get the goods from them. But Little Ghoul and the house monsters swipe the sword first and use it to trap Flabber and the kids in the basement! Soon thereafter, Les swindles the sword from them, but Flabber and the kids free themselves and rush after him. But it's Wolfie who manages to save the sword and call RoboBorg for the ultimate fight between good and evil!

The monster drawings seen being used in Repgillian's creations are of Changeling, Fernzilla, Torch Mouth, Ultra Vulture and Triplesaurus Rex.

Episode credited cast:
Brittany Konarzewski Brittany Konarzewski - Jo McCormick / Red Striker Beetleborg
Billy Forester Billy Forester - Flabber
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Herbie Baez Herbie Baez - Roland Williams / Titanium Silver Beetleborg
Wesley Barker Wesley Barker - Drew McCormick / Chromium Gold Beetleborg
Roland Cheng Roland Cheng
Richard Epcar Richard Epcar - Lightningborg (voice) (as Richard George)
Barbara Goodson Barbara Goodson - Ladyborg (voice)
Marshal Hilton Marshal Hilton - Les Fortunes
Neil Kaplan Neil Kaplan - Hornix (voice) (as Bob Johnson)
Terence J. Rotolo Terence J. Rotolo - Vilor
Michael Sorich Michael Sorich - Roboborg (voice)
Doug Stone Doug Stone - Dragonborg (voice)
Ezra Weisz Ezra Weisz - Mantix (voice) (as Ethan Murray)
Mondo Woodford Mondo Woodford - Centipix (voice)
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