» » Toothbrush (2012)

Short summary

Being a single and successful woman in Belfast is no fun and Bronagh is desperate to find a man before she turns 30. Using her friend's persona as a mask she decides to take counselling on the matter, calling herself Kate. But little does Bronagh know that the therapist has left the office and the secretary in charge is also pretending to be the Doctor. A Romantic Comedy set in Belfast.

Credited cast:
Skye Bompas Skye Bompas - Rachel
Eileen Branagh Eileen Branagh - Bronagh
Darren Fee Darren Fee - Kevin
Leon Fee Leon Fee - Kate
John Gallagher John Gallagher - Mark
Neil Hall Neil Hall - Peter
Jamie Harper Jamie Harper - Artist
Mary Jordan Mary Jordan - Dr. Anne Swan
Romy McKeever Romy McKeever - Julie / Dr. Swan / Malcolm
John Quinn John Quinn - John Toothbrush
Mike Smyth Mike Smyth - Mike
David Suitor David Suitor - Dentist
Matt Vernon Matt Vernon - Bankcard Man
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