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A middle-aged disabled man unknowingly begins a lonely hearts correspondence with his own unmarried sister, who takes care of him. As he writes more and more to her, he begins to fall in love, and she, knowing that it is her brother who is writing, discovers a new, tender side to him. But trouble looms when he asks to meet her in person.

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Still unreleased on DVD as of 2011.

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    • Author: Tcaruieb
    ..waiting to be discovered .A story about people who are getting old and who try to begin a brand new life by corresponding with someone with whom they might have "possibly more".The threesome Simone Signoret/Jean Rochefort/Delphine Seyrig shines all along the movie.Seyrig finds here her best part since "the discreet charm of the bourgeoisie ".She was a magical actress ,sadly missed.So was Signoret.The screenplay was written by excellent Gerard Brach,who often wrote in collaboration with Polanski or Annaud ("l'ours").Moshé Mizrahi had already directed Signoret in a memorable "Madame Rosa ".The high rating the movie enjoys on the site proves that there's sometimes justice in the universe.
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    • Author: Risinal
    If one looks closely at the history of French cinema, it will be revealed that the famous actor Jean Rochefort has not got his proper dues. It is true that due to the lack of star appeal, he has never been hailed as a movie star. Whatever one feels, Jean Rochefort shines a lot in supporting roles or character roles. Look for films like "Le Mari de la coiffeuse" and "L'homme du train" made by Patrice Leconte. "Chère Inconnue" directed by Moshe Mizrahi is one such film which gives ample opportunity to Jean Rochefort to showcase the richness of his acting talents. In this film he is supported by two of the greatest ladies of the French cinema : Delphine Seyrig and Simone Signoret. As "Chère Inconnue" is a family film of excellent emotions, it must only be watched with family members. Just in case if you watch it alone, you would feel a longing for your family. Everyone is going to appreciate the brother, the sister and their beloved. Do let me know when the DVD of this film is made available with English subtitles.
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    Simone Signoret Simone Signoret - Louise Martin
    Jean Rochefort Jean Rochefort - Gilles Martin
    Delphine Seyrig Delphine Seyrig - Yvette
    Geneviève Fontanel Geneviève Fontanel - Béatrice
    Dominique Labourier Dominique Labourier - Catherine
    Gilette Barbier Gilette Barbier - Madame Guillaume (as Gillette Barbier)
    Marion Loran Marion Loran - La préposée poste
    Jean Obé Jean Obé - Hugues
    Madeleine Ozeray Madeleine Ozeray - Madame Thomas
    Danielle Altenburger Danielle Altenburger - La caissière magasin mode
    Claudine Delvaux Claudine Delvaux
    Pierre Gallon Pierre Gallon - Le curé
    Florence Haziot Florence Haziot - La vendeuse
    Marius Laurey Marius Laurey - Le brocanteur
    Anne-Marie Matignon Anne-Marie Matignon
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