» » Ugly Delicious Tacos (2018– )

Short summary

There's more to Mexican food (and Mexico) than meets the eye - and a taco is the gateway drug. Dave Chang joins Jonathan Gold and others on an all-night taco crawl through LA, which launches Dave and buddy Peter Meehan into parallel explorations of Mexican food, in unsuspecting places (Copenhagen; Philadelphia) and the colorful homeland itself. It's a timely look at immigration, assimilation, and globalism...wrapped in a delicious tortilla.

Episode credited cast:
Gustavo Arellano Gustavo Arellano - Himself
David Chang David Chang - Himself
Roy Choi Roy Choi - Himself
Andre Galeana Andre Galeana
Don Andres Galeana Don Andres Galeana
Eduardo Garcia Eduardo Garcia - Himself
Jonathan Gold Jonathan Gold - Himself
Javier Helu Javier Helu
Cristina Martiez Cristina Martiez - Herself
Peter Meehan Peter Meehan - Himself
Ben Miller Ben Miller - Himself
Michael Montano Michael Montano
Enrique Olvera Enrique Olvera
Rene Redzepi Rene Redzepi - Himself
Rosio Sanchez Rosio Sanchez - Herself
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