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In 2004 physics professor Philip MacKenna was apparently abducted from a Paris-bound train. His journey was last minute, after a colleague was robbed, and witnesses at the time proved to be using false identities, suggesting a plot to kidnap him for his expertise. Now his wife is getting cryptic emails, impossible to trace, suggesting he is alive, but she has been holding back a secret. A tip off from a Whitehall mandarin leads the team closer to the truth.

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    • Author: Phain
    Stephen Fisher (Tim McInnerny) is introduced here, and he has a mysterious background who enjoys lunches at exclusive clubs. He's also an acquaintance of DAC Strickland. Rebecca (Lewis) Front is in this episode.

    I was very impressed by the filming of the final scenes in the tube. The logistics of this reminded me of The Bourne Supremacy. I wonder how many extras were involved in the production? Also I saw a promotional poster of The Lincoln Lawyer in the tube.

    Also one of the compelling characters is Alice Fox who comes across as a feisty supporter of lesbian rights with a major chip on her shoulder, and would prefer to dwell on racial injustices rather to detract from the suppression of LGTBI fights. Alice should have come back for a future episode, but not to be.
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    • Author: Blackredeemer
    The UCOS team is assigned to find out what happened a physics professor who allegedly knew the key to "cold fusion" and was abducted from a train and disappeared for years. The trail was cold until mysterious emails claim that the author of the emails knew what happened to the professor. Everything thing appears to be an illusion and lead to very skilled hacker called "ninetails". It will be more than worth your time to see this episode. (There is no "I" in team.)
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    • Author: sobolica
    Have always been a big fan of detective/mystery shows from a fairly young age, well since starting secondary school.

    'Inspector Morse', 'A Touch of Frost', 'Midsomer Murders' (in its prime), 'Law and Order', 'Inspector George Gently', 'Criminal Minds', 'Murder She Wrote', you name them to name a few. 'New Tricks' has also been a favourite from the start (despite not being the same without the original cast in recent years). Although it can be corny at times (in an endearing sort of way) it has always been perfect for helping me relax in the evenings. Something that was needed during all the hard times endured in school.

    "The Gentleman Vanishes" is a particularly wonderful episode of the eighth season, which continues 'New Tricks' generally very high standard. The story is continually gripping and the intrigue and twists prevent it from being predictable with an unexpected ending.

    Visually, "The Gentleman Vanishes" is slick and stylish as ever. The music is a good fit and the theme song (sung with gusto by none other by Dennis Waterman himself) is one of the catchiest for any detective/mystery show and of any show in the past fifteen years or so.

    Writing is intelligent, thought-provoking and classy, while also being very funny and high up in the entertainment value. This is all mixed adeptly with a seriousness without being overly so that it doesn't feel like 'New Tricks'.

    A huge part of 'New Tricks' appeal is the chemistry between the four leads and their performances. The chemistry is so easy going and charming with a little tension.

    One of the show's biggest delights is Alun Armstrong, achieves a perfect balance of funny comic timing and touching pathos which was maintained all the way up to his final episode. It is also lovely here to see his role in the team and skills appreciated more all the time. James Bolam's Jack is the quietest, most sensible (mostly) and most composed of the team, with a tragic personal life that Bolam portrays very touchingly without any overwrought-ness.

    The only woman on the team, Amanda Redman more than holds her own in what is essentially the boss role of the four. Dennis Waterman brings some nice levity without unbalancing things.

    Anthony Calf is typically great as Strickland and there are particularly solid supporting performances from Tim McInnerny and Rebecca Front.

    Overall, wonderful. 10/10 Bethany Cox
  • Episode complete credited cast:
    Alun Armstrong Alun Armstrong - Brian Lane
    James Bolam James Bolam - Jack Halford
    Amanda Redman Amanda Redman - Det. Supt. Sandra Pullman
    Dennis Waterman Dennis Waterman - Gerry Standing
    Anthony Calf Anthony Calf - D.A.C. Strickland
    Rebecca Front Rebecca Front - Bea Mackenna
    Matthew Blackmore Matthew Blackmore - Paul Leonard
    Shaun Williamson Shaun Williamson - Martin Fallon
    Keeley Forsyth Keeley Forsyth - Alice Fox
    Amy Phillips Amy Phillips - Kirsty Daniels
    Gary Powell Gary Powell - David Townsend
    Kevin McMonagle Kevin McMonagle - Peter Rowley
    Andrew Woodall Andrew Woodall - Brian Rutland
    William Key William Key - D.I. Thomas Doyle
    Tim McInnerny Tim McInnerny - Stephen Fisher
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