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EL INCA is a tragic love story based on the life of the undefeated Edwin "El Inca" Valero, the greatest Latin American Boxer, Guinness World record holder and winner of 27 fights by knockout. Always accompanied by his wife, the charismatic boxer from the Venezuelan Andes, fights in rings around the world, gives great shows, and defeats all his rivals with his knockouts. As his professional life starts to rise, his personal life starts to stagger. Edwin establishes a relationship with another woman and gets trapped in his insecurities and a drug addiction, bringing him to his own destruction. Based on the powerful real life story, the film focuses on the life of a talented young man who reaches success, but with his wife, ends up being the victim of his excesses and his countless fears. - EL INCA is as controversial as Edwin Valero's life. At the end of 2016 and after a successful theatrical run, the Venezuelan Government censored the film and took it out of theaters. Pa'los Panas ...

Venezuela's submission to the Foreign Language Film Award of the 90th Annual Academy Awards.

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    • Author: HeonIc
    This film was censored in December 2016 in Venezuela, where a judge ordered to remove it from the cinemas. His condition for to exhibit it again was that a few (5 or 6) scenes were removed. The creative team refused.

    It is timely to point out that in Venezuela it's only legal to censure "messages that incite or promote hatred and intolerance, crime or war, foment anxiety in the citizenship, alter the public order, ignore the authorities, induce the homicide, incite or promote the breach of the current legal system".

    Finally, it is eloquent that both, the judge who signed the order and the family of Edwin Valero (which introduced the lawsuit that motivated this action), later stated that THEY HAD NOT SEEN the film.

    Today (17 Feb 17), the possible exhibition of El Inca is still discussed in Venezuelan courts, in higher instances.
  • Credited cast:
    Alexander Leterni Alexander Leterni - Edwin
    Scarlett Jaimes Scarlett Jaimes - Joselin
    Miguel Ferrari Miguel Ferrari - Zambrano
    Daniela Bueno Daniela Bueno - Wendy
    Carolina Torres Carolina Torres - Ana Luisa
    Madelein Simo Madelein Simo - Gloria
    Ernesto Campos Ernesto Campos - Giovanni
    Leonidas Urbina Leonidas Urbina - Domingo
    Maria Antonieta Hidalgo Maria Antonieta Hidalgo - Karina
    Guillermo Garcia Guillermo Garcia - Pasajero Taxi (as Guillermo García)
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Vera Linares Vera Linares - Reportera
    Shakti Maal Shakti Maal - Enfermera (as Shaakti Maal)
    Carla Muller Carla Muller - Emily Richardson
    Hilel Potaznik Hilel Potaznik - Policia USA 1
    Alejandro Restrepo Alejandro Restrepo - Periodista
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