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Short summary

The film Drug Mule is an advocacy film based on a true story of a young mother who was formerly a "Byahera" or a Drug Mule. This film mainly shows why these women are forced into this dangerous and illegal line of work, mainly because of poverty and the lack of option in life. The film also takes a glimpse of the different lives of Filipinos and the problems that they face everyday. Alyssa, portrayed by upcoming actress Carla Lopez, who used to smuggle drugs to other countries from the Philippines, is forced once again by the syndicate to smuggle a large amount of drugs into mainland China, for fear of her young daughter's life. Falling into the trap of the syndicate, Alyssa finds herself in a situation that could not only endanger her life, but that of her loved ones a well.

Credited cast:
Alvin Anson Alvin Anson - NBI officer
Florence Briones Florence Briones - Allyssa
Arnel R. Felix Arnel R. Felix - NBI Agent
Jun Garcia Jun Garcia - Drug dealer
Frederico Gomez Frederico Gomez
Evangelo Millana Evangelo Millana - (as Evan Millana)
Macrina Millana Macrina Millana - Passenger
Marjed Millana Marjed Millana - Sarah
Eddie Ngo Eddie Ngo - Mr. Chao
Jedd Palma Jedd Palma - Boy Tsansing
Miguel Ramirez Miguel Ramirez - Dealer
Russel Romana Russel Romana
Mark Torralba Mark Torralba - NBI Intelligene
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