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Dattak (2001) watch online HD

Dattak (2001) watch online HD
  • Original title:Dattak
  • Category:Movie / Drama
  • Released:2001
  • Director:Gul Bahar Singh
  • Actors:Rajit Kapoor,Anjan Srivastav,A.K. Hangal
  • Writer:Partha Banerjee,Subbir Mukherjee
  • Duration:2h 5min
  • Video type:Movie

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Short summary

Sunil is an NRI married to an American girl. His father lives in Kolkata with an old servant Shambhu. When Sunil returns home after fifteen years he sees the house is locked and his father has disappeared. Guilt-ridden Sunil starts looking for him. He comes to know that his father might be in an old age home. He reaches there only to find that he had died a few months earlier. Sunil meets Satya Babu, his father's fellow inmate, who tells him all about his father's last days. Sunil tells the old man that he wants to adopt him as his father and requests him to come to US with him.

User reviews

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    • Author: Loni
    This movie is about lost relations. Son of an old man comes from US to see his father after 15 long years. He didn't bother all these years to find whereabouts of his old father.

    The house where his father lived is locked and his father is not available. He then starts searching for him all around. He visits various relatives in different parts of India. Finally he gets to know that his father has gone to stay in an old age home (home for old/deserted people).He reaches there to find that his father passed away only a month back. He repents this very much. He gets to meet room partner of his father in the old age home who tells him events about his father.With a heavy heart, he tries to make over for his fault. He requests that old person to come to US with him.He want to adopt him as his father and serve him like he would have done with his own father.

    A very small budget movie from NFDC depicting sorrow state of old parents which happens to be a reality for many...
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    • Author: Ungall
    I happened to see this movie by luck on one of the TV channel on Cable TV. A very good movie i could not see full movie especially the start and the end of the movie. so was eager to know the end of the movie searched for the movie details and was able to know the end of the movie.

    A very true story which is happening to many old age especially single parents like father or mother. we very frequently visit oldage home in Navi Mumbai with one of the NGO called Fandry foundation. All we could found during our visit was they don't need money or anything they just need somebody should sit with them talk to them listen their sorrows happiness and talk to them for some time. We entertain them by singing songs play some instruments, play cards or indoor games with them its real fun for them.

    I like the approach of (Rajit Kapur) Sunil in the movie he was touched and finally decided to adopt one of his fathers roommate.

    I hope people take lesson from this and adopts father or mother from such oldage homes and these oldage home becomes empty.

    after all we need somebody old at home to guide us teach us and scold us.

    thanking you

    Dilip Sanap Airoli, Navi Mumbai
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    • Author: generation of new
    As the father in this movie is adamant (he does not approve of his son's marriage, does not open or reply any of his letters, does not agree to live with his daughter and son in law when they invite him) I feel he is the one to be blamed. Of course the son should share the blame for neglecting his father for 15 long years but he tries to atone his 'sins' by adopting another old person as father. Good ending. But the director seems to shift all the blame (through statements of the servant, friend in his neighborhood, room mate, old age home manager etc)squarely on the elder son which is not proper. Another thing: All lady characters are shown to be very virtuous. Hardly that ever happens in real life. Touching movie.
  • Cast overview:
    Rajit Kapoor Rajit Kapoor - Sunil
    Anjan Srivastav Anjan Srivastav
    A.K. Hangal A.K. Hangal
    Kruttika Desai Kruttika Desai
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