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Jessica's trial begins, with the prosecutor saying such nasty things about her that she threatens not to come back; Jodie meets Carol David, E. Ronald Mallu's assistant, who finds the 'suicidal homosexual' adorable.

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    • Author: Tygrafym
    Episode 21 begins with Danny introducing Elaine to his crazy family,which fails to deter her from wanting to marry him.An unbilled Tim Rossovich plays Elaine's bodyguard,whose job is to frisk everybody,which really pleases Jodie("Danny,for me? You shouldn't have!") At a remote mountaintop retreat,Corinne finds Father Tim,who admits he's been unable to forget her,with Ian Wolfe making his second appearance on the show,his Father Juniper believing that Corinne is a vision,a simple mirage("maybe I've been on the mountain too long!") Rebecca Balding makes her debut as Carol David,assistant to E.Ronald Mallu,Jessica's attorney,who is so surprised upon meeting Jodie,a suicidal homosexual,that she insists upon making it up to him over lunch.Jessica's entourage sweeps into the courtroom,and the trial begins with Mr.Franklin saying such awful things about her that she threatens to leave and not come back.
  • Episode cast overview, first billed only:
    Jimmy Baio Jimmy Baio - Billy Tate
    Rebecca Balding Rebecca Balding - Carol David
    Diana Canova Diana Canova - Corinne Tate
    Billy Crystal Billy Crystal - Jodie Dallas
    Cathryn Damon Cathryn Damon - Mary Campbell
    Robert Guillaume Robert Guillaume - Benson DuBois
    Katherine Helmond Katherine Helmond - Jessica Tate
    Howard Hesseman Howard Hesseman - Mr. Franklin
    Jay Johnson Jay Johnson - Chuck Campbell / Bob Campbell
    Gordon Jump Gordon Jump - Chief of Police Tinkler
    Charles Lane Charles Lane - Judge Petrillo
    Robert Mandan Robert Mandan - Chester Tate
    Dinah Manoff Dinah Manoff - Elaine Lefkowitz
    Richard Mulligan Richard Mulligan - Burt Campbell
    Arthur Peterson Arthur Peterson - The Major
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