» » The Shower (1992)

Short summary

A feminine take on a Cassavetes drama, the film focuses on a group of women who have gathered for a surprise baby shower. However, as the female guests arrive (the household males having adjourned to an afternoon football game), the off-screen mother-to-be goes into premature labour, leaving the bored invitees to sip spiked punch and discuss the dearth of available men until the drunken boys return home, thus setting the stage for male/female confrontations, confessions and clumsy acts of copulation-notably while standing under a shower. An exploration of the contemporary trappings of male/female sexual politics.

Filmed in 3 days.

Cast overview, first billed only:
Kate Lynch Kate Lynch - Sheila
Brent Carver Brent Carver - Kevin
Janet-Laine Green Janet-Laine Green - Louise
Kay Tremblay Kay Tremblay - Pearl
Joyce Campion Joyce Campion - Anne
Krista Bridges Krista Bridges - Kate
Sean Hewitt Sean Hewitt - Uncle Maury
Chas Lawther Chas Lawther - Wayne
Jed Dixon Jed Dixon - Justin
Shirley Douglas Shirley Douglas - Marie
Diana Rowland Diana Rowland - Kate's mother
Erin Combs Erin Combs - Robin
Jeremy Andrew Pearl Jeremy Andrew Pearl - Robin's baby
Barbara Blum Barbara Blum - Shower Guest / Mourner
Rejane Wilson Rejane Wilson - Shower Guest / Mourner
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