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When Jo Tiegan is given an oval-shaped mirror, as a gift, by the elderly owner of an antique shop, she is amazed to see another girl's image in the mirror instead of her own reflection. It is also quite obvious that the other girl can see her just as clearly. Jo (from the 1990's) and 'the girl in the mirror', Louisa Iredale (from 1919), later accidently find that they can also travel to each other's times through the mirror - following upon which discovery a relentless sequence of events is set in motion.

Jon Pertwee was the original choice for The Old Man, but it was deemed too expensive o fly him down to Australia and film his scenes.

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    • Author: ᵀᴴᴱ ᴼᴿᴵᴳᴵᴻᴬᴸ
    This TV-show is one of the very best existing. With a story-line you couldn't think of. Very cool and really a brilliant idea.

    This show is about a mirror, you might have thought about that. With that mirror you can travel through time if, and this is really important, it's on the exact same place as the one in 1919. So you can travel from 1994 to 1919 and visa versa.

    There is also a follow-up, which is nice, but not as brilliant as this one.
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    • Author: Clonanau
    I spent many enjoyable hours watching "Mirror Mirror" with my two young children in the 1990s.

    This Australian/New Zealand series has an excellent script full of mystery, adventure and humor. A great cast including Nicholas Hammond(The Sound of Music}. The locations, sets and costumes are beautiful.

    The story is about an Australian girl living with her family in New Zealand and her adventures when she finds a mirror which allows her to travel through time between 1995 and 1919. The girl befriends a teenage girl in 1919 who helps her to solve a mystery from the past which affects some of her friends in the the future.

    If you like Mirror Mirror you will also love "Spellbinders 2 - Land of the Dragon Lord which I highly recommend
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    • Author: Welen
    Although this TV-show isn't as original as the first one, it's still very exciting. The idea may be old, but it's not a story like "A Nightmare on Elmstreet 5". For a sequel it's pretty good.

    A father, his second wife and their two children live in the bush.The story is again about a mysterious mirror.

    The story starts when we see how a kid and his mother in the train. The teenage boy is about to visit his father, you guessed right, the one who lives in the bush. He 's not very excited as are the other children. But...they have to manage.

    At one time they play at the attic and find a mirror. Just like the first TV-show, it has mysterious powers. When it's on the exact same spot as in the early 1900 they see a girl. You can guess the rest.

    Again the children must solve a lot of problems and so on, and so on.

    Still it's a good TV-show, but Australian Youth TV-shows are always very good

    It's certainly worth watching
  • Series cast summary:
    Petra Yared Petra Yared - Jo Tiegan 20 episodes, 1995
    Michala Banas Michala Banas - Louisa Iredale 20 episodes, 1995
    Nicholas Hooper Nicholas Hooper - Nicholas Romanov 20 episodes, 1995
    Judy McIntosh Judy McIntosh - Catherine Guthrie 20 episodes, 1995
    Peter Bensley Peter Bensley - Andrew Tiegan 20 episodes, 1995
    Gerald Bryan Gerald Bryan - Joshua Iredale 20 episodes, 1995
    Michele Amas Michele Amas - Primrose Iredale 20 episodes, 1995
    James Ashcroft James Ashcroft - Tama Williams 20 episodes, 1995
    Jeffrey Walker Jeffrey Walker - Royce Tiegan 20 episodes, 1995
    Jason Gascoigne Jason Gascoigne - Titus Iredale 20 episodes, 1995
    Nicholas Hammond Nicholas Hammond - Sir Ivor Creevey-Thorne 20 episodes, 1995
    Bernard Kearns Bernard Kearns - The Old Man 20 episodes, 1995
    Liza Jones Liza Jones - Jade Coigley 20 episodes, 1995
    Stephen Butterworth Stephen Butterworth - Bellamy Frid 20 episodes, 1995
    Miriama Smith Miriama Smith - Ani 18 episodes, 1995
    Eddie Campbell Eddie Campbell - Campbell 16 episodes, 1995
    Donna Akersten Donna Akersten - Leonie Coigley 16 episodes, 1995
    Nicholas Leggett Nicholas Leggett - Jesse Handon 16 episodes, 1995
    Grant Tilly Grant Tilly - Sir Gerald Salisbury 16 episodes, 1995
    Carly Neemia Carly Neemia - Mia Rowlands 16 episodes, 1995
    Judie Douglass Judie Douglass - Mrs. Whitelaw 16 episodes, 1995
    David McKenzie David McKenzie - Dennis Coigley 10 episodes, 1995
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