» » How to Survive the End of the World Hell on Earth (2013– )

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Imagine: Earth is directly hit by a primordial black hole--and survives. But the strike is so immense that it generates a colossal shockwave, disturbing the magma beneath every existing volcanic system. An expert team of physicists and space scientists suggest this terrifying scenario is not all inconceivable. Explore the science behind this deadly disaster scenario to learn what would come of this destructive intrigue.

Episode credited cast:
Caleb Scharf Caleb Scharf - Himself - Director, Astrobiology Center, Columbia University
Hakeem Oluseyi Hakeem Oluseyi - Himself - Professor of Physics and Space Science, Florida Institute of Technology
Tracy Gregg Tracy Gregg - Herself - Professor of Volcanology, SUNY Buffalo
David Ferguson David Ferguson - Himself - Research Scientist in Geochemistry, Columbia University
David Bartell David Bartell - Himself - Futurist
Philipp Ruprecht Philipp Ruprecht - Himself - Assistant Professor of Geochemistry, Columbia University
Boris Ivkov Boris Ivkov - Himself - Attending Physician, Internal Medicine, Lenox Hill Hospital
Paul Falkowski Paul Falkowski - Himself - Professor of Geological Sciences, Rutgers University
Les Johnson Les Johnson - Himself - Author & NASA Scientist
Paul Levinson Paul Levinson - Himself - Author & Social Scientist
Erwann Michel-Kerjan Erwann Michel-Kerjan - Himself - Managing Director, Wharton Risk Management Center
Susanna Hoffman Susanna Hoffman - Herself - Disaster Anthropologist
Jennifer Francis Jennifer Francis - Herself - Professor of Marine and Coastal Sciences, Rutgers University
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Lucius Bryant Lucius Bryant - Safehaven Extra
Kevin Cano Kevin Cano - Safehaven Extra
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