» » Viole t (2015)

Short summary

'Viole t' is short student film shot on a budget of under a $1000 and with a skeleton crew over 5 days. It tells a story in a day of an enigmatic young man that finds himself in a dire situation. Is he the villain he seems so clearly to be? or is there more to his actions? Viole t is a short film that tells the event of a day in a non linear fashion. To extend the mystery of an otherwise straightforward story, the viewer is shown fragments of the day throughout the film and is left to tie it all up at the end when all the pieces of the puzzle are revealed.

Credited cast:
Albert Goikhman Albert Goikhman - Leo
David Hart David Hart - Dominic
Nitara Khorana Nitara Khorana - Violet
Giustino Della Vedova Giustino Della Vedova - James
Fabiana Weiner Fabiana Weiner - Amber
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