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    • Author: Nalmetus
    I wasn't really familiar with the AoW games until this one. But what an eye opener it was !! The best TBS (Turn-Based-Strategy)yet on the market. And that's saying something.

    With the amount or races, economic and political possibilities it supports, it's really hard not to enjoy this game.

    The combat is something to get used of you're not familiar with TBS games, but after while really gets you involved...

    When one assault on a town does not work, you'll want to reload and try a different approach and take'em down ;--) The magic aspect is off course a very large part of the game and they've really created a large amount of spells for it.

    A last thing is the stability among all the races that really shines through the flow of the game. Every race has it's base units, but all with their own aspects and skills...

    If you can say one negative thing about this game, it would be the more dated graphics... Still in a 2D environment and isometric pov... although it still supports the large wide screen high resolutions like 1920 * 1080 , it would be nice to see a nice a 3D world à la Heroes of Might & Magic V We've seen that triumph studio's can do it with Overlord, so I'll end my review with please make a sequel to AoW Shadow magic in 3D !!!! The world needs it !!!
  • Cast overview:
    Paul Knox Paul Knox - Merlin (voice)
    Elizabeth Webster Elizabeth Webster - Julia (voice)
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