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Detectives Gordon and Bullock investigate a child trafficking ring preying on Gotham's street kids, including Selina Kyle. Meanwhile, Penguin resurfaces in the countryside and begins to make his way back to Gotham, leaving victims in his wake.

When Selina opens her locket and looks at the picture of her mother, it is a picture of Julie Newmar, the original Catwoman from Бэтмен (1966).

Bullock refers to Kyle Massey's character as being 6 foot. In real life, Massey is only 5'7"

The first two episodes of the series were broadcast simultaneously on both Veronica, the series' official broadcaster, and SBS9. However, for some reason this episode started about five minutes earlier on SBS9.

Both the name of the bartender, Lazlo, and references to "the doll maker" are nods to the DC comics villain Professor Pyg.

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    • Author: invincible
    So, the Gotham Episode 2: Selina Kyle has been aired and I must say this episode was a good continuation of the pilot episode and it also makes the viewer eager. How was this episode? Lets take a look

    STORY: The story of this episode is that Detective Gordon is still in the pursuit of the murderer of the Wayne family, but now there are many other things that make Gotham a terrible place to be in and Gordon has to find out what everything that is happening in the city. Was a gripping tale that had its good moments. However, the story did not give much detail about the Catwoman as the episode was names "Seline Kyle" 8/10

    CAST: McKenzie is amazing as Gordon. Robin Taylor is brilliant as the sociopath Oswald Cobblepot and Camren Bicondova does good as Selina Kyle, and David Mazouz impressed me again as young Bruce Wayne. The supporting cast was great as well. In short well casted. 10/10

    DIRECTION: The direction has been good in this episode and I found it better than the pilot episode. Some of the moments in the episode (Shift from Gotham City to Oswald's part) were memorable. 8/10

    MUSIC AND BGM: Once again, the music and BGM according to me were repetitive and almost sounded similar to those of the video games. Nothing new here. 6/10

    FINAL VERDICT: Overall I am pleased with this episode, but it was misleading since the name of the episode does not show much about Selina Kyle. However to sum it up, a good episode, with some thrills and I am waiting for the next episode. If this build up keeps going on, then a brilliant TV show can be made. 8/10
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    • Author: Ariseym
    In the 2nd episode things improve and the series starts to really give you reason to stick around. For with the more well-known villains getting established, and one back log villain starting to gain ground, Gotham starts to become a true city. One which lost one half of what made it stable.

    Topic 1: One Pillar Missing Means A Broken House – Falcone, Fish, and Bruce Wayne

    Being that I haven't read the comics, or even a graphic novel, from the Batman franchise, needless to say my whole Batman knowledge is solely based on the movie releases. Making it where as much as it seems Falcone is important, since seemingly his death leads to all the well-known villains rising and trying to gobble up his former power, turf, and money, at the same time I feel like I'm adjusting still to the idea of a Batman villain not having cool gadgets or some sort of power. But, with that said, Falcone and Fish have a nice little chat in her club which helps make Falcone intriguing. If just because he knows Fish is trying to take him out and take over so he teaches her a lesson.

    Leading to the topic of Fish who I wasn't at all fond of in the pilot, but now she is sort of growing on me as Pinkett-Smith gets comfortable with the character. Especially with lines talking about how she doesn't have a lover, but a boy she keeps for exercise. Something which helps make it feel that slowly she is gaining her own persona and that the writers are trying to make her stand out. As opposed to her seeming like a flashy henchman who aspires for more, but likely will be killed off before the end of the season.

    Fish aside, with the Wayne family gone, except Bruce who seemingly needs counseling, Falcone makes it seem that his other half is missing. One which was the ying to his yang and this leading to Gotham to be in flux. Thus allowing the possibility of the criminal masterminds we know and love to see opportunity to rise. Though, with Fish being one of the first to bite the hand that feeds her, Falcone makes an example of her to not just remind her of her place, but make a statement.

    Topic 2: This Penguin Has Bite - Penguin

    After Penguin's first murder in the last episode, he adds a few more bodies to his list after these jock types dare to call refer to his movements as penguin like, after what Fish did to him. But, unlike the first murder, at least he got something out of killing the two jocks: a car! Well, and a hostage. But since he isn't the best negotiator, he may just end up with another dead body to deal with. With that said though, Penguin has found himself a trailer, a car, and is out from under his mother's thumb so, while still at the bottom, it seems he is but a good crafted plan from getting to the top.

    Topic 3: The Doll Maker – Selina Kyle & Gordon

    From what it seems, alongside Fish and known villains, the writers are also going to include lesser known names such as "The Doll Maker" as part of the cast. Though, I should note, we only see The Doll Maker's henchmen and not the Doll Maker themselves. Still, with The Doll Maker using their two henchmen to knockout and kidnap Gotham's homeless children, you do get quite the odd villain. However, while the villain and their henchmen certainly present an interesting angle, the whole story is really about everyone's new perspective on Gordon after he supposedly killed Penguin, as well as Cat, the name Selina Kyle prefers. Which, if I may say so, actress Carmen Bicondova is playing wonderfully; and when I say wonderfully played, I mean I hope this show does last as long as Smallville just so we can see her truly grow into the Cat Woman we know and love. For, in my opinion, I think Bicondova could be ranked amongst the best actresses to play the role, especially if the show stays on long enough for her to be the adult version of Cat Woman.

    That thought aside, being that Cat is one of the many orphans out there, she is amongst those that the Doll Maker's henchmen capture. However, thanks to a little luck, stupid henchmen, and her would be claws, she finds herself one of the few orphans probably not going upstate. For with lack of funds, or empathy, the mayor has it where the kids are sent to a juvenile detention center for shelter and care vs. an orphanage. This is mostly due to, for one, most of the kids being considered petty thieves, and two, building an orphanage, like reopening Arkham, being more of a Wayne charity thing than something the city would invest in. Thus showing, and reinforcing, what Falcone meant when talking about how one pillar of the house is now missing.

    Leaving us with Cat who, to save herself from the juvenile detention center, confesses she observed the death of the Wayne parents in order to keep her freedom, and perhaps find her mother.
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    • Author: Gavikelv
    After an intriguing and reasonably strong pilot, "Selena Kyle"--the 2nd episode of Fox's 'Gotham'--shows signs of what I feared the most when the series was first announced; too many pieces in play and treading narrative water.

    The basic plot of the episode has potential, but it never goes anywhere and much of it feels like setup. The latter is fine, as they're still world building here, but there's never any payoff. Even in a serialized show every episode needs its own arc. And for something titled "Selena Kyle", we get precious little of the character, and what we do get hardly serves as character building.

    Perhaps most disappointing of all is the handling of Bruce Wayne. I really hope they find something more interesting to do with Bruce's story than have Gordon show up for tea and crumpets once a week and furrow his brow at the kid's odd behavior.

    There's still enough potential here to string me along to episode #3, but only just.
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    • Author: Armin
    The second episode of Gotham was not nearly as good as the first, but it also didn't hinder my excitement for where this show can go. We got a much better look at Selina Kyle (hence the title) and many great moments with Gordon and Bruce Wayne. But the episode as a whole was a bit underwhelming.

    TV series tend to struggle with bringing consistently great villains to the screen week in week out. Arrow had many filler episodes that didn't do much to further the story, rather just to fill the 23 episode arc that the network had wanted. This episode gave us 'the snatchers', which was basically a way to introduce us to Camren Bicondova as Selina Kyle. Gordon and Bullock track down kidnappers after a series of child trafficking incidents occur, Kyle being one of them. I really like Bicondova's portrayal so far. In fact, one can make the argument she has stole the show so far. Much due to the once again over-the-top Fish Mooney portrayal again this week. Her character seems too one note for my liking.

    This episode also gave us another look into Cobblepot's transformation into The Penguin. Robin Lord-Taylor has also been a bright spot in the first few episodes. He is literally perfect for the soon to be crippled crime lord of Gotham City. But even he couldn't save us from an overall dull second episode. It's very predictable and the kidnappers were not terrifying at all. The 'Dollmaker' in Arrow was a much better character when it came to kidnapping people. It's one of the things that Gotham may struggle with in its run. The viewers will have to buy into the fact that almost all of these characters will live through each season. After all, Batman is a good 9-10 years away and all these classic characters haven't met him yet. There were also times where I found myself actually ticked off that they cut to commercial. And it's not because of a cliffhanger, but because of poor directing.

    Overall it was a decent follow up to a very solid premiere. Not many stories progressed but we did get an introduction to the fan favorite Selina Kyle, or 'Cat' as she likes to be called.

    +Bicondova's portrayal of Selina Kyle

    +Gordon & Bruce scenes

    +Penguin is becoming Penguin

    -Weak villains

    -Frustrating cuts

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    • Author: Dilmal
    The second episode of Gotham was a little better than the first and has good plot and has a bunch of development with Selena Kyle
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    • Author: BlackHaze
    This episode did a good job of following up the pilot by choosing to focus on less, rather than more. It looks good and Ben McKenzie was really good.
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    • Author: Olelifan
    I answered a question on the message boards recently that asked if I'd watch this show if it had no connection to Batman; I answered 'no' then, and I continue to hold that view. As a cop show, this would be one of the worst example of the genre I've ever seen, and I HATE cop shows on general principle, just to be clear from the outset. The investigations are so by-the-numbers as to be nothing more than exposition, and whoever decided to place Edward Nygma within the GCPD crime lab staff deserves the fate Gordon and Bullock narrowly avoided last week! In my view, Nygma should have been introduced as a school mate of young Bruce Wayne, the one who's not as clever as he thinks he is who develops a psychotic jealousy of anyone perceived as being smarter than him, not a creep who plays guessing games with the cops he's being PAID to help! I found it interesting that young Selina has pictures of Julie Newmar in her locket, potentially setting up a case of 'the pictures that came with the locket' situation, with her real mother being revealed to be...? Finally, Bruce Wayne's characterisation took a wrong turn in this episode, in my humble opinion. This week undid last episodes good work, making him just another disturbed kid who's lost his parents, rather than their loss being the catalyst that sets an already intense and obsessive boy on the path to becoming the Dark Knight; his smug look when he figures out how to help the street kids belongs on someone else's face entirely. My rating is still seven, but I'm thinking it may be heading downwards if this episode is any indication!
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    • Author: Doomredeemer
    On the heels of the lukewarm response to the pilot, episode two of Gotham titled "Selina Kyle" shows some promises but still has it's pilot's missteps. The episode revolves young homeless kids being drugged and kidnapped by an interesting duo played exceptionally well by Lily Taylor and Frank Whaley. I'm very happy to see the outcome of the episode. These two need to come back in a later episode. Selina Kyle aka Cat is the only one that gets away from the twosome with one teen being lead on a chase that ends him being thrown through a restaurant's front window. Gordon and Bullock are brought in because an old homeless man was murdered during the attempted kidnapping.

    Gordon, still trying to be the law and order cop scolds an officer for not securing the crime scene. What follows is a small back and forth that give the writes credit to their subtlety. They hint at the corruption of the Gotham Police Department. Oswald shows up later limping down a road leading into Gotham look for a ride. I get that they want to give him his evolution into the sadistic villain he becomes but the creators really aren't airing on the side of patience. He's picked up by a two college kids, who joke with him until one of them crosses that 'penguin' line. He is brutally stabbed by Oswald. The other is taking hostage which of course fails miserably to Oswald's not so delight.

    The rest of the episode follows Gordon and Bullock trying to track down the child kidnappers. With them encountering Fish Mooney, who steals just about every scene she is in. There is also a short but brutally shootout between the kidnappers, Gordon/Bullock that leads to a janitor henchmen being shot then falling down a well. The show is bookend by Bruce acting out in the opening to Alfred's dismay and having another end interaction with Gordon. The end scene felt a little less tacked on than in the pilot. It also showed Bruce's side for orphaned children which will become very prominent in his future.

    I'm entertained by this show but it's just so scattered. It really has an identity crisis. Because there is so much going on it doesn't know where or what it wants to be. The first episode seemed far more dramatic. This episode airs on the side of camp. It doesn't get to the Adam West camp level but it sure could have. I know it's hard to take the Batman world seriously (Christopher Nolan did get that right). I think the show needs to find solid footing instead of sliding around in the muck. When it is actual serious it feel genuine and when it's action heavy I'm sucked in. But there are those campy moments that just stop the show in it's tracks.

    I still have my fan boy issues. There's no need for an Edward Nygma cameo. Yes, the show is about villains but establish one or two and have others work in the shadows. The scene with him was painful. It seems like they keep drilling into the viewers heads that the GCP is corrupt. Changing the cannon for the show is fine. But when featuring one of the most prominent characters in the show's character changing moment I get upset. Selina Kyle was there in episode one when The Waynes' were murdered. That was the big cliffhanger of this episode. She tell Gordon she knows who killed them. Isn't there a way for to connect these characters without just dropping a big plot hole bomb like that? Two things that do come out of this episode on the positive side is the show's glaring love of comic book brutality and violence. When someone is shot it's vicious. The attack in the car by Oswald is something out of a horror movie. The blood just doesn't come out it sprays. It's one of those knock back moments when I said to myself "whoa, did they just get away with?". Even Kyle gets in on the mix, scratching a henchmen's eyes out before Lily Taylor's character shoots him point blank in the head. The show takes no prisoners for violence. Thank you to The Blacklist for that.

    Jada Pinkett Smith where have you been hiding? The shining light of the entire series so far. She has some excellent character moments in this episode. The drinks scene with her and Carmine Falcone shows a range from her I haven't seen in a long time. If the writers keep giving her scenery to chew I can see a groundswell popping up for her to get some kind of award nomination.

    I enjoy this show just being such a fan of source material and the films I take fan boy issues. But it wasn't a bad episode. Overall putting everything together it worked to entertain me. I know it was the episode of the night I was talking about the most with friends. That's a positive. I just would love to see this show get on it's stride and fly. It took Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. half a season to do that. With FOX's reputation Gotham doesn't have that long to get the ball rolling. Next week's episode did give me hope that they are slowly getting the kinks out.
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    • Author: Tall
    I wish I could rate this episode more. I thought it was better than the pilot. It had a great continuation of the first episode. There was more of Catwoman and Penguin which was great. I love how the way Gotham looks. As far as I know, Gotham has probably been the most coolest, realistic view of Gotham hence the name of the show.

    James Gordon is at it again with trying to find out who has been kidnapping homeless kids one of which is Selina Kyle aka Catwoman. I'm starting to like her more as a character. She is brilliant. I like the Fish and Carmine scenes as well. I bet they'll be a huge war between them soon. Robin Lord Taylor. What more can I say. He is Penguin. I saw that a lot of people were complaining that he is too skinny. Remember guys, this is an origin story. He'll get there.

    The ending is so good. It is a great cliffhanger episode. This changes the whole mythology of Bruce's parents deaths because Catwoman doesn't witness it happening. It'll be interesting to see where it goes.

    I also want to mention the acting between Sean Pertwee and David Mazouz. Both are perfection. I've never seen either of them before, but I love them. This will definitely be the next Smallville. I know it.

    P.S. Perfect amount of scenes with Bruce. I know it is mostly about the villains and James, but Bruce is a big part as well. So excited for next week's episode. We will probably see Salvatore Maroni who was referenced by Fish and Carmine in their scenes. So much is in store for Gotham.

    Tune in next week.
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    • Author: Hanelynai
    Gotham episode 2 was much better than the pilot. Not many people had high hopes for this series calling it the weakest of the new DC shows coming up but this episode is proved otherwise. I love Robin Taylor as Oswald Cobblepot he's creepy as hell and he fits the part perfectly, he looks really weird too. I also love Donal Logue as as Harvey Bullock he's shown the best performance of the cast so far. Ben McKenzie as James Gordon is looking promising too. If there was one performance I would say I'm not really intrigued by yet is would be Sean Pertwee as Alfred. I'm not really feeling him. Think that's more to do with the writing than the acting itself. I'm definitely excited for future episodes and it's made my Monday nights exciting. I hope they keep it up and manage to keep watching. 9.1 out of 10
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    • Author: Cherry The Countess
    After a pilot feel to the first episode we get to know the residents of Gotham a lot more this time around with Selina Kyle or Cat as she calls herself and Oswald Cobblepot getting more time to shine and both Carmen Bicondova and Robin Lord Taylor are just terrific in their roles.As a plot its more interesting than before and everything clicks better.

    After a homeless man is found dead Gordon and Bullock find clues to the abduction of street kids,they find that Patti(top actress Lili Taylor)and Doug(Frank Whaley)are posing as members of the Homeless Outreach Program which is run by the Mayor(Richard Kind)to nab kids,after failing to capture them once Gordon and Bullock track them down as Patti and Doug hijack a bus full of kids including Selina Kyle and attempt to bring them down without hurting the kids. Meanwhile Oswald resurfaces in the country and stays in a rented trailer and plans his move to return to Gotham and gain power.Also Selina or Cat may have information about Bruce Wayne's murdered parents.

    As I said before a much better and more interesting story than the first episode with more screen time for Selina and Oswald and both actors are superb and even though Oswald has a bigger role in future episodes Selina is the star of this episode and even at a young age Carmen is just electrifying and acts like a much older person and always has a quip or some sarcasm ready in any situation,she also loves winding Gordon(Ben McKenzie)up whenever she can,this girl is going places believe me.Taylor as Cobblepot in so sneaky and slimy and is a much more interesting Penguin than any other which includes Danny DeVito's supreme portrayal in Batman Returns as he is somebody building up to become the cripple type gangster in future years,of all the villains he is by far the best and with no Joker(yet)he is Gotham's main bad guy and i'm glad as he is fabulous. Others like McKenzie as Gordon,Donal Logue as Bullock,the amazing for his age David Mazouz as young Bruce Wayne and Brit veteran Sean Pertwee as his faithful butler Alfred are all fab and these four in particular share some top scenes together with the cops sharing witty banter and Bruce and Alfred act like father and son and its sweet. Also like the few scenes with future Riddler Edward Nygma(Cory Michael Smith)who makes you chuckle.

    The episode itself zips along and the child catchers Patti and Doug are fairly decent bad guys especially Lili Taylor as Patti who I seen in The Haunting and is far different to in that film as she plays a control freak who is doing someone else's work and she creeps away in the episode till a showdown with the cops.Cat or Selina is just brilliant and shares a first scene with Gordon and reveals something about the Wayne murders,she is funny and crackles with sarcasm you never notice she is still only a teen as she acts much older.Taylor as I said before is a fabulous bad guy who gets more people on his side as the story goes on even though he would kill them at any minute,why hasn't this actor been famous before as he is terrific.

    A much more exiting and well told plot than the first episode with outstanding acting in particular from the incredible for their ages Bicondova and Mazouz and of course Taylor as Oswald with a exiting story about child catchers and great scenes between Bruce and Alfred and Gordon and Bullock.
  • Episode cast overview, first billed only:
    Ben McKenzie Ben McKenzie - James Gordon
    Donal Logue Donal Logue - Harvey Bullock
    David Mazouz David Mazouz - Bruce Wayne
    Zabryna Guevara Zabryna Guevara - Sarah Essen
    Sean Pertwee Sean Pertwee - Alfred Pennyworth
    Robin Lord Taylor Robin Lord Taylor - Oswald Cobblepot / Penguin
    Erin Richards Erin Richards - Barbara Kean
    Camren Bicondova Camren Bicondova - Selina Kyle
    Cory Michael Smith Cory Michael Smith - Edward Nygma
    Victoria Cartagena Victoria Cartagena - Renee Montoya
    Andrew Stewart-Jones Andrew Stewart-Jones - Crispus Allen
    John Doman John Doman - Carmine Falcone
    Jada Pinkett Smith Jada Pinkett Smith - Fish Mooney
    Lili Taylor Lili Taylor - Patti
    Richard Kind Richard Kind - Aubrey James
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