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Details the workings of a mysterious assassination organization, (codenamed: Naked Weapon), led by its globally feared and master assassin, Fiona Birch. It essays the modus operandi of Fiona where she assassinates a crime mob boss and his mooks. A trained assassin, she violently breaks the spine of a fat mob boss using the infamous Deadly Spine Rip technique.

Mark Aldred, who played the Russian crime boss (uncredited) was fired from his job as an English teacher in a Hong Kong primary school because the principal had discovered his role in this film. After a lengthy hearing, an industrial tribunal awarded Aldred HK$11,600 as a contract gratuity. However, it threw out his claim for around $79,000 in damages and dismissed Aldred's claims that his sacking was unlawful.

The hotel scene at the beginning of the film is shot at the Manila Hotel at the Philippines one of the oldest five stars hotel in Asia. And the beach camp is located north of the capital, Subic.

Daniel Wu and Maggie Q were in a relationship during the filming of this movie. Q has stated this made their sex scene easier to film.

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    • Author: Taur
    A word of warning: don't see this expecting intellectually challenging cinema. Naked Weapon is any man's wet dream- gorgeous female assassins go to exotic locations and take out high profile baddies (with mandatory sexy dancing before the kill).

    The action might seem a bit tame for hardcore kung-fu fans (lots of wires and floaty camera moves disguise lack of fighting talent on the actors' parts), but for those of who just want to see some mindless violence, it does the job nicely. Unfortunately the plot has no direction (one set piece after another), and the dialogue is laughably bad. Thankfully, the cheesy lines are so bad they are actually quite entertaining, and blend in nicely with the whole B-movie feel of the film.

    Far better than I expected- slick and escapist scenarios, high production values, and the action is great fun. I must however warn potential viewers that Daniel Wu is unspeakably bad as the earnest CIA guy on the tail of the killers- all he has to do is fill the audience in on the plot every now and again and get his ass kicked once. How hard can that be? Anyway, he messes that up nicely.

    To conclude, Naked Weapon is the perfect film if you've been out drinking, come home at about 2.00 in the morning, and want to see a film where brain power is not expected from the audience. Two thumbs up!
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    • Author: Ice_One_Guys
    Charlene (Maggie Q) is a young girl who finds herself imprisoned and trained to be an assassin, along with a group of other girls including Katt (An Ya) and the psychotic Jing (Jewel Lee). Six years later, these three girls are the only ones left alive to pass the grade, and are sent out into the outside world to become assassins, working under the control of the sinister Madame M.

    What follows is a pretty much non-stop fight scene, big explosions, blood and death. It's totally cool in a way that western films try so hard but fail to be (mentioning no Ballistics). It doesn't even matter that a lot of the fighting is weak and/or doubled, the lead girls – for all their inexperience – look and move great. There's lots of wirework and plenty of camera trickery, but it gets away with it by being far more fun than it has any right to be. I loved it, and if you like girls with guns, looking cool and shooting people in slow motion, you will too.
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    • Author: Tygralbine
    What can I say about this movie. It was recommended to me by a friend with a warning: don't take it seriously. And he was right. This is a very entertaining movie if you can get past some very serious flaws, like an extremely bad script and some lousy acting.

    What was good about the film: The soundtrack was very good and supported the movie well. The overall story was rather good and interesting. The women were beautiful and sexy. The fight scenes were superb - a little over the top, but still nicely done. Besides, the concept "hot women using their bodies as weapons" is really cool.

    What was bad about the film: The acting leaves a lot to be desired in many occasions. The script was lousy, sometimes even stupid. The love story was badly portrayed and it was a bit out of place.

    To sum it up: This movie is not Oscar material, you won't be thinking about it afterwards and it's not going to be in your list of all time favourites. Still, it's an action packed, highly entertaining film that will provide for a pleasant evening. I give it 7 out of 10.
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    • Author: Fenrinos
    Amateurishly written, directed and acted, "Naked Weapon" is still worth seeing for some pretty impressive one-on-one martial arts sequences, the two involving Maggie Q., especially. The females in this movie are uniformly strong and the males are either brutish or stupid. The movie contains some pretty repellent aspects as well.

    WARNING: SPOILERS If you like movies where 13 year old girls are shot, women are drugged and raped and two are tortured to death, then NAKED WEAPON is for you.

    Young girls with sports or martial arts skills are kidnapped and placed in a concentration camp on a remote island. Those who resist or try to escape are shot. Of the 40 who begin the training, only three are allowed to live. They are paid $1,000,000 per year to murder male targets. An inept Asian CIA agent tracks down one, Charlene (Maggie Q.) END OF SPOILERS The group fights are pretty bad, likely reflecting the minimal skills of many of the female participants. The scenes involving shooting are pretty bad, too. Many of the shooters don't appear to be too interested in their targets. There is one pretty impressive scene, however, involving a shoulder fired missile and a car.

    If the more repellent aspects don't turn your stomach, you're likely to involve the one-on-one combat.

    I give "Naked Weapon" a "5".
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    • Author: Malara
    Naked Weapon, from prolific writer/producer Wong Jing and director Siu-Tung Ching, is one of the most preposterous films that I have seen in a long time. It is also one of the most consistently entertaining.

    Madame M (Almen Wong) is the head of an organisation that provides sexy assassins for hire. When an operative is killed, she abducts a large number of pretty teenage girls (all of whom are adept at fighting) and takes them to a remote island where they are trained for six years to become ruthless killers (special move: sever the spine with finger tips and remove several vertebrae!).

    At the end of their gruelling training, the girls are pitted against each other in duels to the death. The last three alive are then given the opportunity to work for Madame M in exchange for their eventual freedom.

    Hong Kong hotties Maggie Q, Anya, and Jewel Lee play the film's ridiculously attractive final trio of killers, and fans of slick, sexy action should not be disappointed: director Siu-Tung Ching delivers loads of high-kicking martial arts action scenes (thoughtfully shot in slow motion so as to give male viewers even longer to ogle the stars' bodies as they perform all manner of acrobatic moves); there are gratuitous bloody gun fights in which the gals sport teensy outfits; and we even get a couple of steamy sex scenes (Maggie Q kindly gets 'em out for the lads!).

    It is true that this is a dumb, trashy, sexist, and brutally violent movie—an exercise in style over content which lacks convincing acting and a decent plot. But who cares, when you've got stunning visuals, a touch of gore, crazy Matrix-style fight scenes, and, towards the end, quite a bit of audacious wire-work (at one point, Charlene ends up balanced on one leg atop a bad guy's head)? Certainly not me!
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    • Author: Zan
    The plot of Naked Weapon is not too bad, but the way it is ultimately presented leaves a lot to be desired. The pacing is dreadful, scenes are arranged haphazardly, and far, far more could have been done with the interesting premise. Most of the dialogue is really terrible.

    However, even with all the shortcomings of the script, the movie is saved by its stylism. The action is pretty good, and while the characters obviously don't actually hit each other, their moves and speed are absolutely incredible and breathtaking. The acting is pretty good, too.

    All in all, a highly entertaining package filled with sexy girls kicking ass. It's not as good as So Close, though.

    7 out of 10.
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    • Author: Maveri
    Babes killing with their bare hands after seducing a guy; what a great premise. I highly recommend this one to anyone that doesn't have an aversion to violence. And if you're worried that movie only offers sex, you're wrong. Actually, I think there are only a couple scenes that actually have nudity. What you get is to see very attractive women learn how to kill, practice killing, and then kill some more. Furthermore, the situations that are presented are especially memorable. The fights are also well done and they are just on the edge of believability. As for the story, this film was constantly surprising me-every time I thought I knew what would happen next, I was wrong! This movie has hot women, brutal violence and an unpredictable and engaging story. This is the best film I have seen this year.
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    • Author: Bolv
    Naked Weapon is an action-thriller film directed by action choreographer Tony Ching.It stars starring Maggie Quigley better known as Maggie Q together with Anya Wu and Daniel Wu. The screenplay,written by prolific film producer Wong Jingapon,is similar in theme though unrelated to his earlier work Naked Killer. The film revolves around three female assassins who get close to their targets, primarily through seduction, before they kill them.

    The story starts when countless little girls are growing up all over Asia, but it seems that those that are pretty and athletic could never escape the inescapable fate - they suddenly vanish without a trace. The culprit is Madame M,leader of an international assassin group. Ruthless and bright, she kidnaps and trains up young and gorgeous girls to be cold-blooded professional killers. The girls all possess the ultimate weapon: Their seductive bodies to lure men into bed, and strike when they are at their weakest. Girls from all over the world are dumped onto a remote training camp, including Charlene and Katt. Charlene is the apple of her mother's eye, and Katt is strong and independent. In this horrific Killers' Camp, there is only one rule: Survival of the fittest. An elimination system was adopted to make these girls kill one another, so only the creme de la creme remains. Among the toughest time, Charlene and Katt have developed a close relationship and watch one another's back. Bo realizes she has fallen in love with Charlene, and she will do anything to keep her from harm. Five years later, JACK (Daniel Wu), a CIA Commanding Officer, is close on the trail of Madame M. During a dragon boat race in Hong Kong, Jack encounters Charlene while she is at work. Charlene is about to strike, when she is shocked to see her long-lost mother Faye. Meanwhile, Madame M decides to join forces with Ruichi,leader of a Japanese terrorist group. He yearns for Charlene, and Madame M takes Faye and Katt as hostages to make Charlene compromised. For her mother and lover, Charlene returns to end this once and for all,engaging in a series of hair-raising battles. She will use her ultimate naked weapon on Madame M, and the next second would be in the hands of fate.CIA agent Jack Chan has stayed on the trail of the girls since their disappearance. When he finally catches up to Charlene, Jack is nearly done in by her alluring but deadly qualities.

    The movie is pure action entertainment presenting sexy and hot women in an action movie.The fight scenes and action sequences were definitely its main feature as it tries more to please the viewer with the use of CGI to the point of looking implausible and unrealistic.Obviously,they were well-choreographed by director Tony Ching.With regards to the performances of the cast,obviously Maggie Q has great screen presence that one would not admire her for acting skills but rather with her characterization of a beautiful and sexy woman who has the ability to kill.Aside from that,the story will more into action although it tries too hard to have drama in terms of having the relationship of Charlene and her mother come into the picture or romance when the unexplained attraction and love story between Charlene and Jack comes also into place.But inspite of that,both plot devices were simply contrived as it never really can escape the fact that this is a an action film.The viewer should take this movie as it is and never bother to question its realism for its main purpose and objective is to entertain with the awe especially with fight sequences that are original and action scenes that are dramatic especially when hot female action stars like Maggie Q are involved.
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    • Author: VizoRRR
    That pretty much sums up my experience with "Naked Weapon." This film is, for the most part, a fun amalgamation of "Battle Royale," modern day Hong Kong action, and Crown International-Roger Corman Chicks-with-guns B-movie super-trash Drive-in insanity. But there is a particularly despicable scene depicting gang-rape about a third of the way through that pushes the movie over the edge into the "unwatchable garbage" arena. It's like something out of a bad, misogynistic Seventies porn flick--and I have the distinct feeling that the Americanized version I saw was softened from it's original form. It's a real shame--cos I like goofy trash. I just don't like rape.
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    • Author: Anyshoun
    One of those movies which is so pathetic that it becomes a laugh to watch. The fight scenes are ridiculous to a point of being a Road Runner cartoon. It is a wonder how this ever got funded - this isn't B grade, it's Z grade!
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    • Author: Roru
    The obvious selling point of this movie was the number of scantily clad ladies battling each other. In bullet time. That's it.

    It would've been more enjoyable if the action wasn't over the top...I mean come on, breaking glass that is thrown at you with your bare fists, catching the broken glass fragments, then throwing it back to where it came from? In one sequence? Please.

    The dialogue was so cheesy, I couldn't tell if it was Swiss or cheddar.

    I always thought that Daniel Wu was a decent actor, until this "action masterpiece" came along. He should choose his future roles carefully or get a better agent.

    Another thing that bothered me was that there was this tree trying hard to act well....oh wait, that was Maggie Q. My mistake.

    Do yourselves a favour...since they say this kind of movie is one where you leave your brain at the door before watching, make sure you know where you left it, because mine ran away realizing it doesn't want to go back in my head anymore after I saw this so-called, "movie". Go see "So Close" instead. At least the cast on that flick are proven "actors".

    Could I have the 2 hours I wasted on this movie back please?

    1/10. (1 for the effort)
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    • Author: Mogelv
    Naked Weapon tells the story of Charlene, a young Eurasian girl who is taken from her family at a young age by the ominous Madam M and raised as an assassin, while training she meets Katherine, whom she develops a sisterly bond with, six years later they are dispatched into the real world to use their skills as Madam M sees fit.

    Soon a police detective who has been searching for Charlene for ever since she disappeared but soon an mysterious figure who has a personal vendetta with Madam M and her syndicate appears and both Charlene and Katherine must use the skills they have learnt to defend themselves.

    This movie began it's life as a follow up to Wong Jing's cult classic Naked Killer but as with most of Jing's projects, the finished product is different to what was originally conceived.

    So I'll begin with the film's plot, it's your average Wong Jing affair, two dimensional characters and some bland dialogue backed by some uneven acting, this is essentially an action movie, so really there's little need to care for the characters or the situations they find themselves in. Though, there where a lot of films with plots similar to this made in the 1980's when the Hong Kong film industry was at it's peak in terms of quality and amount of releases.

    The acting, like I said, is uneven, Daniel Wu and Anya are the only two which give notable performances, I would say the same for Maggie Q but unfortunately her performance dips into melodramatic a couple times, though her performance overall is very good. There's no denying both Maggie and Anya are two extremely beautiful women so if the plot doesn't grab you, the leading ladies' good looks will.

    The directing is competent, Ching Siu-Tung, who also did the film's martial arts sequences, did a good job, his talents can also be seen on the Steven Seagel sleeper hit Belly Of The Beast. the visuals are very good, that sheer will of the directing alone gives this film a high recommendation. though there is one particular sequence which should have been cut down or at least completely removed but alas this is a Wong Jing produced film so what can you do?

    The action scenes are brilliant, Ching did a great job making anybody who threw a punch or a kick look like martial arts machines, don't expect anything realistic, that's not his style, it's very over the top but for a movie such as Naked Weapon, it works.

    So overall I highly recommend this to Hong Kong film fans as it recalls itself to the glory days of HK film in the 80's when films being released like this where the norm and not over-stuffed pop vehicles like the industry seems to more interested in now.

    For you DVD junkies I recommend the Region 2 double disc platinum release, it's chock full of great extras.
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    • Author: Mr.mclav
    Using a combination of Hong Kong style fighting and simple emotionally charged drama, Chek Law Dak Gung (Naked Weapon) is a riveting film.

    It characters are extremely likable and are presented to us in a three dimensional through the great directing and wonderful portrayals of the actors especially Maggie Q, Daniel Wu, and Anya. Its pacing and emotional power allow for a film that should be a blue print for many action films that would be better if they took a note from this cinematic work of art.

    If you want to find a film that will give your strong believable acting, awesome action scenes, romance, and a great human story this film is all of that and much more.

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    • Author: LØV€ YØỮ
    In one of the film's first scenes, a distraught 12 year old girl is gunned down. Charming. Later, we get to see a roomful of female prisoners ordered to kill their fellow prisoners, or be killed themselves. (The brutality that follows makes the knife-fight scene from "Saving Private Ryan" look like "The Sound of Music" in comparison.) Finally, the winners get to kill each other and the final prize is to be drugged and raped numerous times.

    This pile of garbage doesn't get better later. A female assassin gets killed by having tiny shards of glass hit her in the face.(Because as you know, secret assassin schools train you to store your vital organs in your cheeks.) There are bottom-grade computer-generated effects to almost impress you, and just overall the worst choice you could make in looking for a Hong Kong action film. Oh, and by the way, there is far less nudity (virtually none)than the title implies, so if that's your angle, you could do better. Avoid this cinematic abomination at all costs.
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    • Author: Bu
    I ordered this movie in HK because I thought it would be a nicely made action flick. The opening scene was quite promising, but then the gruesome story unfold... Soon reminded of Battle Royale (although I only know the plot of the movie), I was already not amused. But when a rape scene was casually staged as some kind of an 'initiation ritual' for the newly chosen winners of a fight-to-the-death, I was disgusted as I have never been before by any movie (and I even like splatter movies!). So although some action is not too bad - even the end fight has it's qualities - I totally regret having bought this movie. I recommend to anyone with some sense for ethics and decency to avoid this movie like the plague.
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    • Author: Musical Aura Island
    I went into this film expecting it to be rather crap, but i wanted to see a mindless action kung fu flick with hot chics!


    it was a super crap film , completely mindless and the chics mega hot!

    The plot was old the acting horrible and unbelievable the dialogue!!!! dumb as hell!!!! the continuity? the models aged 6 years, everyone else in the movie stayed the same!

    all in all it was the worst movie i have ever seen, and they were seriouse through out, that is why it was so good!

    it is the funniest movie i have ever seen, they were going to kick us out of the theatre for being so loud!

    those monologues in thier heads are perfect! it was sooo cheesy i loved every second of it, we even kept laughing about it all the way back home, repeating lines and sequences!

    perfectly carp!

    the sad thing is they never kissed! and i wanted them to soooooooooo baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.

    it was so bad yet so good that i don't know how to vote, but will decide eventually!
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    • Author: Via
    Yes, that's a good alternative title for this film. Now the Doctor is not usually interested in the comments of other viewers, but he could not help but see how divided people were over this odd offering. A masterpiece of girl power? A travesty in exploitation cinema? Both? Naaaah!!! It's just a load of total nonsense!

    Spoilers may ensue!

    'Rip off' is a good tagline for this one. The start is like an army training movie! Now you all have to kill each other! It's Battle Royale! No, kill each other in an arena battle with funky music and different weapons! Okay, it's Mortal Kombat or maybe a Chuck Norris movie or something. Well, suddenly, it's No, really! The naughty soldiers give each other five and everything! Well then how about it's Naked Killer/every Hong Kong assassin movie ever. Nah, boring, kill off one of the characters with no explanation to have a big end fight with... some guy, doesn't matter where he came from.

    If you could call it fighting, it's up to Hong Kong standards but involves so much leaping flipping diving and spinning you wonder whether Wong Jing knows anything about movies at all... I think you know. Them actresses may indeed be damn fine hell yeah (you can't really tell the main two apart), but well! Do you like movies or do you like hyperactive titillating nonsense! I think you know the answer to that one too.
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    • Author: Nargas
    This movie was nothing short of awesome! Better than Le Femme Nikita but similar in many ways with a very strong story. The action was superb and I loved the girls too of course. It has so many new any interesting twists that i have never seen in any other film, it has guts. Plus as a bonus for us whitey's it's in English! What more could I ask for. If you like powerful sexy women and beautiful cinema you will love this film.
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    • Author: Beranyle
    As i said this movie is decent it's a party movie not to be taken seriously. Some of the acting can be laughable well actually alot and the story was ripped off of Battle Royale BUT there is one redeeming factor of this movie. The coreogrophing is excellent and superb sometimes the models doing the martial arts can get a bit flimsly but overall it still looks cool as hell!

    So if you want a Fun Over the Top action movie not to be taken seriously then this is definately the movie for you.

    Also you get to see maggie q naked Come on it's more then good enough reason to buy this movie lol
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    • Author: Castiel
    I will readily admit that I expected something completely different from what I got when I watched Naked Weapon. It has all the ingredients, including the title, of your standard t&a action flick, a curious subgenre that I am not completely averse to, although my girlfriend picked out the movie so I thought I was about to enjoy a guilt-free 90 minutes or so of relentlessly gratuitous nudity. Nope! Surprisingly enough, the movie has almost no nudity at all and makes an honest effort to pass on an honest and moving story.

    That second part is an almost total failure, of course, but I give them points for effort. It's one of those rare movies where the tagline tells you almost everything you need to know about the movie – they seduce you before they kill you!

    Yeah, whatever. That's just a promise for the endless nudity and sex scenes that aren't in the movie, and it actually does the movie a disservice by promising nothing but empty t&a while the movie itself is really trying to tell a good story. Whether or not the story is any good is up to you to decide, but I'm here to warn you that it's essentially a ripoff of Battle Royale, except it's not good.

    A cold-blooded woman named Madame M kidnaps 40 preteen girls and takes them to an island at an undisclosed location in the middle of the ocean. They are offered a polite invitation to leave if they're unhappy upon their arrival, with the small detail that they are machine-gunned down on their way back to the helicopter. Those that remain spend the next 6 years of their lives going through a brutal boot-camp designed to turn them into deadly, hottie assassins.

    You see, I can say hottie about a lot of 12-year-old girls here because by the time any of them are hot they're at least 6 years older than 12 and have killed all of the rest of the girls, usually with their bare hands, and really, what's hotter than chicks killing each other?

    Well, your answer to that question will basically predict your opinion of the movie. If you would have no problem watching a bunch of puberty-bound girls being trained how to be sexy and how to be deadly at the same time, then this thing is for you. Personally I didn't mind it too much. I really wish they would have toned down the catastrophically bad acting and sporadic avalanches of cheese, but for a movie that attempts to give us such a belligerently outlandish premise as this and maintain a straight face, you have to give it at least some recognition. Good luck keeping a straight face yourself, though…
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    • Author: Dreladred
    Possible spoiler, anyhow.

    Sort of Charlie's Angels meets ArchAngel of Airwolf and Sharkey's Machine with shades of La Femme Nikita, Point of No Return (same and different scenes), The Killer, Shiri, Rollerball (1975), and Max Headroom.

    It's a fun movie and worth a look or two even though at times, things drag a little with lines without acting effort, lack of continuity between the trainers and the trainees, and questionable personalty development or lack of indoctrination of the trainees.

    Still, the way a lot of scenes were set up and filmed, it is apparent that this is not a cheap movie for great effort was made in getting the message across in the filmography. As far as whether or not it stole from the movies mentioned above (and maybe others for scenes I haven't connected yet), I would say no. Edison said that there were only so many original stories; everything else was a retelling.

    It's enjoyable provided one doesn't have an exact ruler to judge movies by and therefore, determine their enjoyment of it. If that is the case, then there are noticeable flaws that such a critic would rip the movie apart over.

    As things go for me, this movie rates 8.9/10. Not a 9 on the first viewing, but it's the kind of movie that wears on the thoughts, and eventually I'll probably go out and buy my own copy for it is like Killing Time (1998). Invulnerable Femme Fatales that are impossibilities, but it is a nice fantasy to get lost in for about 90 minutes.
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    • Author: Stoneshaper
    this movie has hot babes, and hot action. That's the good part. The bad part is some woeful dialogUE, and an unconvincing lurch into a romance of sorts. Believe me, i have nothing against movies following unpredictable patterns if they work. See the host as a very good example. But here, and I guess because of the bad dialogue particularly in an ice cream trunk sequence. the action sequences are the only things of merit. Thankfully there are enough of them to make watching this movie worthwhile.
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    • Author: Jack
    This movie begins with a female Chinese assassin named "Theona Birch" (Marit Thoresen) getting out of a car at a hotel in Rome. Once she gets to her assigned hotel room she then has sex with the occupant before killing him with her bare hands. After that she also kills the guards waiting outside of the hotel room but is subsequently killed while attempting to drive off. As it so happens, the assassin worked for an Asian woman named "Madame M" (Almen Pui-Ha Wong) who recruits young girls at around the age of twelve and trains them on how to fight and kill at her own special camp on a remote island. After six years of intense training the young women are then tasked to kill each other with only three women by the names of "Charlene Ching" (Maggie Q) "Jing" (Jewel Lee), and "Catherine" (Anya) managing to survive. Afterwards, they are given one last brutal lesson by being raped and then sent on their respective missions. However, the CIA is aware of them and one specific agent named "Jack Chen" (Daniel Wu) has made it his personal mission to track down Madame M and abolish her organization--and Charlene is his main target in that regard. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that this film had its good points and bad points. It started off pretty well and the action definitely kept things moving along at a brisk pace. Likewise, Maggie Q, Jewel Lee and Anya certainly didn't hurt the scenery in any way. On the other hand, the script was in need of serious improvement, the acting was mediocre and some of the scenes were much too silly and far-fetched. All in all then, while I don't believe that this was a bad film necessarily, the faults were just too obvious to be ignored and because of that I have rated this movie accordingly. Average.
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    • Author: Galubel
    I ordered this dvd movie, having no expectations at all, except hearing some good reviews in different dvd forums. Let me tell you: I LOVE this movie! It has everything you can dream of! Beautiful female assassins, great fight scenes, over the top action! Realism?! I will consider this movie as realistic as Matrix or Die Hard! Better expect to be entertained!! I like to compare this movie with Naked killer! It's a little less nudity, but the story and action is good!

    I give this excellent flick 10/10!!
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    • Author: Anaragelv
    This film bloody kicked arss. It was one of the coolest films i have like ever seen. It was the best film made by asians and i just couldn't believe hoe good the acting, stunts, fight scenes and killing was. By far this is the best film about assassins i have ever seen.

    It did seem a little bit sad at some bits but not many. It did seem to be a lot like charlies angels except the way they fought seemed a lot more violent. The fight scenes in this film were like the most awesome fight scenes i have like ever seen.

    It was good seeing all this blood, all this sex scenes in it and all these guns. The acting by maggie q was like the best i had like ever seen.
  • Complete credited cast:
    Anya Anya - Katherine
    Maggie Q Maggie Q - Charlene Ching
    Daniel Wu Daniel Wu - Jack Chen
    Jewel Lee Jewel Lee - Jing (as Fei Li)
    Pei-Pei Cheng Pei-Pei Cheng - Faye Ching
    Almen Pui-Ha Wong Almen Pui-Ha Wong - Madam M (as Almen Wong)
    Andrew Lin Andrew Lin - Ryuichi
    Monica Lo Monica Lo - Student murdered in Cage
    Chun Lai Chun Lai - Tattooed Yakuza Boss (as Benny Lai)
    Dennis Chan Dennis Chan - Mr. Chan
    Agustin Aguerreberry Agustin Aguerreberry - Drillmaster
    Chia-Li Mo Chia-Li Mo - Little Jing (as Mo Ka Lai)
    Renee Nichole Rommeswinkel Renee Nichole Rommeswinkel - Little Charlene Ching
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Marit Thoresen Marit Thoresen - Fiona Birch
    Natalie Kyoko Waters Natalie Kyoko Waters - Little Katherine (as Kai Yan Kwok)
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