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The team goes to investigate the suspicious death of a man who works for a company that occasionally works for the Pentagon. Jane thinks the man suspected that someone at the company was passing secrets. So they set a trap and find the middle man. They need to make the person they are looking for feel safe so they arrest the man's brother for his murder. Lisbon is approached by Ardiles, the prosecutor she worked with at the CBI. And he says he thinks someone is following him. Lisbon thinks he's paranoid.

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    • Author: Tygrarad
    The Golden hammer is surely an outstanding episode among other Re-Booted Episodes,In The Golden Hammer the new dynamic of The Mentalist 2 begins mature as the characters begin to understand their new roles in this new world,and the viewers begin to adapt to the FBI and start to enjoy This New territory.Every thing is new even the old characters are changed,the crimes are evolving,there are much more important things at stake than before,murders have bigger reasons and consequence. The other important aspect of The Golden Hammer is that it introduces a New Mystery to The Mentalist,A mystery that could be much more dangerous than Red John....
  • Episode cast overview, first billed only:
    Simon Baker Simon Baker - Patrick Jane
    Robin Tunney Robin Tunney - Teresa Lisbon
    Tim Kang Tim Kang - Kimball Cho
    Owain Yeoman Owain Yeoman - Wayne Rigsby
    Amanda Righetti Amanda Righetti - Grace Van Pelt
    Rockmond Dunbar Rockmond Dunbar - Dennis Abbott
    Emily Swallow Emily Swallow - Kim Fischer
    Joe Adler Joe Adler - Jason Wylie
    Devon Gummersall Devon Gummersall - Gabriel Quinn
    Michael Mantell Michael Mantell - Leo Drembelas
    Navid Negahban Navid Negahban - Hassan Zarif
    David Norona David Norona - D.D.A. Osvaldo Ardiles
    Travis Schuldt Travis Schuldt - Curtis Whitaker
    Erin Way Erin Way - Avery Schultz
    Mark Saul Mark Saul - Sergei Sokolov
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