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Laura and her girlfriend Gilda are at Laura's playing Monopoly when Laura's dad comes home from work. Gilda finds herself attracted to him, and since the feeling is mutual, they get ... See full summary
Laura and her girlfriend Gilda are at Laura's playing Monopoly when Laura's dad comes home from work. Gilda finds herself attracted to him, and since the feeling is mutual, they get together. Later, when a repairman arrives at the house to do some work, Laura and Gilda come up with a job for him he wasn't counting on.

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    • Author: Brakora
    Telegraphed by its title, DADDY'S LITTLE GIRL is an incest film which unfortunately suffers from no-talent direction by an anonymous filmmaker. It plays like an ad-lib quickie circa 1971, rather than a real movie made during the heyday of "porno chic".

    That's a shame, because a talented and soon to become superstar cast was assembled. John Leslie, with grey streaked hair at his temples, is comfortably cast as the father Mr. Nimitz, having played a pederast in many loops prior to 1976, his first big year in porn features. Laura Bourbon is Laura, his ultra-busty, supposedly 14-year-old daughter, though she looks more like 24.

    Laura's best friend Gilda is more precocious, talking freely of having had sex with her daddy, and after the gals play Monopoly, Gilda soon seduces Laura's dad Mr. Nimitz. The two girls next have a threesome with Sparky, played by Joey Silvera, as a mechanic who works for Nimitz.

    Nimitz is distracted from his work, and his secretary Gladys (beautiful Desiree West) relaxes him with a mixed-combo blow job. The loving closeup photography of West's breasts is among the film's highlights. After Leslie's money shot, West reiterates her plea that he visit a shrink she knows.

    My fave, the glamorous Joan Devlon, is cast as Miss Pettibone, the psychiatrist Leslie visits. After hearing his admission that he lusts after his young daughter, Joan removes her glasses, lets down her hair, and her sultry, come hither transformation is fabulous. She humps Leslie on her desk - I guess this poverty row production couldn't even afford a couch for her office.

    Final reel has Laura and Leslie each masturbating in their respective bedrooms. Daddy comes to visit her and Laura insists on showing him what she's learned from the threesome with Sparky. Picture predictably climaxes with the promised incest scene, and Leslie delivers another money shot, more than earning his keep in perhaps his first starring role in a feature.

    Final tag scene is stupid -Gilda visiting another friend who isn't home, so she propositions the father who answers the door.

    With very little music, the film seems even more slipshod than necessary. Early on you know you're in trouble because the cast has difficulty stumbling over their improvised dialog, even Leslie seeming quite uncomfortable with the format, though he was also working with ad lib specialist Shaun Costello at the time. Clearly the unknown director shot himself in the foot; had he concocted an actual script and made the relationships believable he might have stumbled on the goldmine that Kirdy Stevens discovered four years later with the all-time classic TABOO incest series.

    Mystery in the packaging is top billing for Desiree Cousteau on the video box. The trivia note in IMDb indicates she's not playing Laura in the film but goes further in stating she's not in the movie at all. IMDb researchers fail to identify the actress playing Gilda. Curly-haired Gilda looks a lot like (but I would agree not identical with) Cousteau, pre-boob job, so it is possible this is an early credit for the iconic superstar. Someone needs to interview Joey Silvera and solve the mystery.
  • Uncredited cast:
    Laura Bourbon Laura Bourbon - Laura Nimitz (uncredited)
    Joan Devlon Joan Devlon - Miss Pettibone (uncredited)
    John Leslie John Leslie - Laura's Father (uncredited)
    Joey Silvera Joey Silvera - Sparky (uncredited)
    Desiree West Desiree West - Gladys (uncredited)
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