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Laura Tryon, a young widow, finds it hard to make a living for herself and her son, Brooks. She answers an ad for a social secretary and is engaged in that capacity by Beatrice Wallington, a society girl. Beatrice is engaged to Kempton Greene, a society man, but the pair are not really in love with each other. Greene and Laura fall in love, but Laura, believing that she is doing Beatrice a wrong by taking Greene's love away from her, leaves the Wallington home. Greene tries in vain to locate the young widow. Beatrice, meanwhile, falls really in love with a young duke and asks Greene to release her from their engagement. Greene does so without regret. After leaving the Wallington home, Laura and little Brooks are about to be turned out of their little room, when the child gets a notion in his baby head that he will go to work and make some money. He steals from the house and starts on a job hunting expedition. The little fellow tackles everyone he meets and causes much amusement to ...

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    • Author: Ahieones
    A very pleasing and well made picture. Miss Ormi Hawley, who plays the social secretary, has the kind of personality that quickly wakens and holds sympathy in romantic roles. She has freshness of youth and naturalness that are convincing. Mr. Jack Holliday plays the fiancé of her employer, a social leader. This match had only a spark of dying fire left and the man falls in love with the new secretary. The situation is kept safely within the conventional limits and is pleasing throughout. There are in the picture interesting glimpses of social life and well made interiors of a home of fashionable people. It is sure to please, especially as it has a good child part. It has some substance and excellent humor. It will be a good feature for ordinary occasions. It is photographed "as clear as a bell." - The Moving Picture World, April 13, 1912
  • Credited cast:
    Ormi Hawley Ormi Hawley - Laura Tryon - the Social Secretary
    John Halliday John Halliday - Kempton Greene - Laura's Sweetheart (as Jack Halliday)
    Nancy Gale Nancy Gale - Beatrice Wallington
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Brooks McCloskey Brooks McCloskey - Brooks
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