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A medical researcher, despondent when his grandson's decides to become a professional athlete rather than follow in his footsteps refuses treatment for a fatal form of malaria so Welby hires a headstrong nurse to enforce treatment.

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    • Author: Mavegelv
    I happened to come across this Marcus Welby TV episode, "A Full Life" and at first didn't recognize the actor Richard Basehart who plays a well- seasoned researcher, Professor Kirkcastle, whose health is scarred by past illnesses incurred in Malaysia that can turn serious for him in later life. He proves to be a very difficult patient for Marcus Welby to deal with but is willing to go along with the tests and treatment after some objections. It was easy to recognize the lovely Phyllis Thaxter later in the story as the nurse who tries to keep the professor in line and not overdo himself although he is adamant on going on this latest excursion to explore certain plants in a remote area. For me it was a trip down memory lane to see the old actors once again. At least we can appreciate having these films of them so many years later.
  • Episode cast overview:
    Robert Young Robert Young - Dr. Marcus Welby
    James Brolin James Brolin - Dr. Steven Kiley
    Elena Verdugo Elena Verdugo - Consuelo Lopez
    Richard Basehart Richard Basehart - Professor Andrew Kirkcastle
    Murray MacLeod Murray MacLeod - Cecil 'Cece' Kirkcastle
    Phyllis Thaxter Phyllis Thaxter - Kate Tannahill
    Milton Selzer Milton Selzer - Dr. Ben Mazer
    Jack Hogan Jack Hogan - Dr. Bill Haskins
    Don Mantooth Don Mantooth - 1st Student (as Donald Mantooth)
    Garett Marsh Garett Marsh - 2nd Student
    Betty Van Valkenburgh Betty Van Valkenburgh - Pat Meadows
    William Bronder William Bronder - Mr. Gale
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