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Detectives Goren and Eames sort through a palette of colorful characters when they probe the slayings of a museum curator and an art authenticator, and they soon discover evidence of copied masterpieces that makes an arrogant Austrian dealer their prime suspect -- but the key hinges on finding the elusive forger. Meanwhile, as Goren reveals a surprising knowledge of art -- and the German language -- the investigators figure that the best way to find a forger is to enlist the aid of another forger.

Tracy Howe has played three different roles over the course of the series:

  • Episode 1.22 Seaduse nimel: Kuritegelikud mõtted: Tuxedo Hill (2002) - Declan
  • Episode 1.20 Seaduse nimel: Kuritegelikud mõtted: Badge (2002) - Declan
  • Episode 1.6 Seaduse nimel: Kuritegelikud mõtted: The Extra Man (2001) - Leon
  • Episode 1.4 Seaduse nimel: Kuritegelikud mõtted: The Faithful (2001) - Declan
  • Episode 1.3 Seaduse nimel: Kuritegelikud mõtted: Smothered (2001) - Martell
  • Episode 1.2 Seaduse nimel: Kuritegelikud mõtted: Art (2001) - Martell

When Goren arrests Herr Langer he says in German "Sie haben ihre Partnerin unterschaetzt. Weil sie nun Moerderin ist kriegen ihre Gemaelde einen riesigen Preis." Which translates to "They underestimated their partner. Because she is now a murderer her paintings will sell for a huge price."

When Langer says "You filled this building with motorcycles and called it art," he is referring to an exhibition at The Guggenheim Museum (the curved building behind them in the scene). The Art of the Motorcycle exhibition was held from June 26 to September 20, 1998 in New York City.

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    • Author: Nuliax
    Something shady appears to be going on in the art world but nothing is revealed until a couple of minutes into the introduction when an art authenticator's wife comes down to her husband's workshop to see if he's there since he didn't come home at night. To her horror, she finds him dead on the floor, shot in the chest. What's more, not far away is a dead woman hanging from a rope! She turns out to be a curator from a museum in Troy. It looks like a murder-suicide....but, of course, that's not the case.

    Goren and Eames investigate to find out what the connection is, what really transpired and who is responsible. Right off the bat it's puzzling, especially since there many valuable pieces of artwork worth big bucks that were in the workshop and not stolen in the double homicide. Then again, most episodes in this series tend to be fairly complex, as is shown here in this murder involving artists and just plain greedy, cold people.

    Tomas Arana is excellent as the villain "Rudy Langer" and Elizabeth Marvell is good as the bizarre artist "Sylvia Moon."
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    • Author: Twentyfirstfinger
    Vincent D'Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe get a really interesting case with the murder of two art critics. It leads them into the fascinating world of art forgery and the money that can be made.

    The murder that sets it off is that of a curator of a small museum who is suspicious of a Monet she received as a gift for the museum. Then another critic is killed.

    I can't go into the details but the con is specifically directed at rich people who won't admit they've been taken and small museums who lack the sophisticated resources to check for forgeries.

    The key is the forger Elizabeth Marvel who has some secrets that even her co-conspirators don't know about. But Vincent D'Onofrio digs them out almost in Monk like fashion.

    This one is not to be missed.
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    • Author: Kerdana
    The first user comment above well summarizes this twisty, detailed and GOOD second episode of first season Law & Order CI.

    Show "ART" (Season 1 Episode 2) to friends who wonder why you like CI when it is at its classic best (i.e.not "preaching" an agenda - just showing us great detection).

    As an art enthusiast, I loved the details along the way - the Goren/Eames exchange about the "Monet" - the Langer German talk with Goren - and the Famous Art "LIST". The frustrated art forger woman as frustrated female is good too. Even World War II submarine warfare, the atomic age, and war crimes are plausibly tied into this great episode.

    This episode shows the Renaissance Man Genius turned NYC High Crimes Detective Bobby Goren in top form! Eames is classic too with her streetwise potent quips...

    Yes, I saw last year's slightly ambiguous NICOLE denouement. But resurrect the great, multidimensional abused genius girl turned mass abuser - Nicole and pit her with/against the equally ruthless proto Nazi - Rudy Langer.

    After Nicole, he's the best villain Goren/Eames have faced. Bring Sinister, Witty Rudy Langer back onstage!
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    • Author: Moonshaper
    A curator for a small museum, Mrs. Ellen(Toby Poser) and a professional art authenticator, Bernard Jackson(Tom Bloom), are found dead in a flat containing priceless paintings which has Eames and Goren curious as to why they were set up as a murder-suicide when it appears that the motive wasn't robbery. In this episode we see that Goren is in fact a fountain of knowledge, not only is his art expertise astonishing, but he also can speak German. Not to get too technical, the plot yields such interesting twists as the forgeries of Jewish paintings(paintings from Jews killed in the Holocaust, confiscated by the Nazis)and a tax scam providing great profits when wealthy owners had their prize work shown in smaller museums. The potential suspects are a German art seller, Rudy Langer(Tomas Arana), who detests Americans and their "inadequate tastes" in paintings and a master forger looking for her own chance to feature original work, Sylvia Moon(Elizabeth Marvel). A specific ingredient found in the paint of a forged Monet unable to be verified turns out to be crushed algae pellets for aquarium fish! The supposed suicidal hanging of the curator just might relate to another one, this one a student who shared a room in college with Moon. Moon also was a student under murdered art authenticator when he was a professor(a sexual relationship is also discovered).
  • Episode cast overview, first billed only:
    Vincent D'Onofrio Vincent D'Onofrio - Robert Goren
    Kathryn Erbe Kathryn Erbe - Alexandra Eames
    Jamey Sheridan Jamey Sheridan - James Deakins
    Courtney B. Vance Courtney B. Vance - Ron Carver
    Tomas Arana Tomas Arana - Rudy Langer
    Linda Gehringer Linda Gehringer - Mrs. Jackson
    Sam Freed Sam Freed - William Blunt
    Tom Bloom Tom Bloom - Bernard Jackson
    Marceline Hugot Marceline Hugot - Gloria
    Toby Poser Toby Poser - Anne Ellis
    Richard Thompson Richard Thompson - Mr. Ellis
    Lisby Larson Lisby Larson - Rachel Blunt
    Isiah Whitlock Jr. Isiah Whitlock Jr. - Detective
    Elizabeth Marvel Elizabeth Marvel - Sylvia Moon
    Lynn Cohen Lynn Cohen - Mina Cohen
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