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DI Lynley investigates the death of Nicola Maiden and Gerry Cole who were beaten to death while out camping. Nicola's father Andy Maiden is a retired police officer but neither of her parents know, or will admit to knowing, who Cole is and thought she was seeing Julian Britton. Andy believes she was killed as a means of getting back at him and offers to go through his old files. The investigation reveals that Nicola worked for Martin Reeve, the owner of an escort agency. She had recently quit and set off on her own. Andy had also put him away once, for 10 years, leading to the break-up of Reeve's marriage. When another murder occurs, it sends the investigation in a different direction involving a theft and blackmail. Sgt. Havers finds herself demoted and back in uniform for having shot a flare pistol at a senior officer who had put a child in danger. Lynley manages to get her assigned to the case and hopes she will take the opportunity to rehabilitate her reputation and her career.

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    • Author: Sti
    Inspector Lynley (Nathaniel Parker) and his partner Havers (Sharon Small) are "In Pursuit of the Proper Sinner" in this 2004 Inspector Lynley mystery.

    As the story begins, Havers has been demoted for shooting a flare pistol at a senior officer whom she believed had put a child in danger. She's back in uniform and lucky not be directing traffic.

    Lynley, meanwhile, investigates the murder of an ex-police officer's daughter Nicole and another man, with whom she was camping. The man is identified as Gerry Cole, though her parents claim she was seeing Julian Britton.

    The story gets more and more intricate as we learn that Nicole and her roommate were working for an escort agency until just recently, when they had quit and started their own agency. Since her father believes she was killed in retaliation for putting someone away during his career, Lynley manages to get Havers assigned to him so that she can go through the files.

    Havers, however, has a different idea and investigates on her own, infuriating Lynley.

    Really good mystery that includes another murder. blackmail. and theft. As for suspects, take your pick: Julian's cousin, who is in love with Julian, an author who has just risen to prominence, Julian himself, and Julian's drunken and often violent father.

    Nathaniel Parker is handsome as ever and very good as Lynley, who this time loses it once or twice with the feisty Havers, well-played by Sharon Small Havers really has some nerve in this episode as she repeatedly defies Lynley in spite of hoping to get her old rank back.

    Highly entertaining.
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    • Author: Iell
    This episode was a total bunch of claptrap. The story itself was good right up to the ending. The characters were well developed and the plot unfolded very nicely until Havers stepped in and ruined everything. If the murderer had been exposed in any other way it would have been a real good story, but it wasn't.

    I don't know which was worse, the incredibly stupid things she did, her gross,(repeated)insubordination, or the fact that Lynley, after repeatedly telling her to go back to London and report to their superior, not only let her get away with it but used her (illegally obtained) "evidence" in the final confrontation with the murderer. Throughout the episode Lynley was busy chasing nicely planted red herrings and the case would never have been solved without Havers' illegality. Based on her incredible, totally illegal behavior no prosecutor would ever be able to obtain a conviction with the evidence she presented as it would have been considered "fruit of the poisonous tree".
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    • Author: Jay
    Here Inspector Lynley struggles to deal with the demotion of Havers, and brings her in to investigate the murder of a male and female couple in a tent in the mountains. Samantha Blair (Caroline Hayes) discovers the bodies, and unlike Law and Order, the person finding the bodies actually appears throughout the episode, so we learn Samantha has feelings for Julian Britton, who has the boyfriend of Nicola Maiden, the one found dead with her friend Gerry Cole.

    DS Hanken is a bit jealous that Lynley brings in Havers to help out (originally looking through files), and Havers through her determination unlocks the mystery to the crime. There's a parable about taking undue credit, as it relates to the motive for murder, and to Inspector Lynley denying credit to Havers for solving the crime.

    Jack Deam plays DS Hanken, and he's also played other police officers. He was in DSI Banks, and in Father Brown. Due credit also to Steven Elder, who played Dr Robin Webster. A couple of years later Steven played an MI5 informant in the Judge John Deed episode "My Daughter, Right or Wrong".

    Inspector Lynley should have gone for more than six seasons.
  • Episode cast overview, first billed only:
    Tom Lawrence Tom Lawrence - Gerry Cole
    Emma Willis Emma Willis - Nicola Maiden
    Nathaniel Parker Nathaniel Parker - Inspector Thomas Lynley
    Sharon Small Sharon Small - Barbara Havers
    David Burke David Burke - DSI Webberley
    Caroline Hayes Caroline Hayes - Samantha Blair
    Al Weaver Al Weaver - Billy Slavin
    Jack Deam Jack Deam - DS Hanken
    Lesley Vickerage Lesley Vickerage - Helen Lynley
    Barbara Wilshere Barbara Wilshere - Dr. Kennedy
    Sorcha Cusack Sorcha Cusack - Nan Maiden
    Timothy West Timothy West - Andy Maiden
    Simon Williams Simon Williams - Jeremy Britton
    Tom Burke Tom Burke - Julian Britton
    Marlene Sidaway Marlene Sidaway - Mrs. Baden
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