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Two undocumented, Turkish brothers face the challenges of life in New York City together. Green (aka Samet), the younger brother and a recent arrival to the city, wants to make a fresh start in a new place, but Abi, older and battle-worn, has been in the city longer and knowing the challenges that await his brother wants to protect him. When a street altercation turns into an assault, Green draws the police to the apartment that he shares with his brother and several undocumented Middle Eastern men, unwittingly putting them all at risk of discovery. The result puts Abi and Green against the other residents and threatens to separate the newly reunited brothers.

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    • Author: Uanabimo
    This amazing short film experience had me engaged from the first moment it came on the screen. The vivid reality that these characters endure in order to survive and make some money in this country, was so visceral so well told through the eyes of their director Suzanne. If you ever get a chance to see this wonderful story on the film festival circuit or you are able to see it online somehow, I highly recommend it. Their acting game is so high that there are no barriers of language, but a global understanding through human connections.
  • Credited cast:
    Erol Afsin Erol Afsin - Green
    Fady Kerko Fady Kerko - Resident
    Vanessa Antoinette Danese Vanessa Antoinette Danese - Daughter
    Ibrahim Traore Ibrahim Traore - Resident
    Aziz Çapkurt Aziz Çapkurt - Abi
    Walid Alhamdy Walid Alhamdy - Resident
    David Dotterer David Dotterer - Commuter
    Madeline McCray Madeline McCray - Alba
    Behzad Dabiri Behzad Dabiri - Cemal
    Victoria Ric Victoria Ric - Tourist
    Maria Victoria Maria Victoria - Tourist
    Gulsah Diker Gulsah Diker - Runner
    Aydin Mustafa Aydin Mustafa - Resident
    Elif Unal Elif Unal - Runner
    Kyle Michael Yonder Kyle Michael Yonder - Jersey Boy
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