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Short summary

The Friends Of Humanity attack a hospital for the blind that Beast is working at. And Wolverine plans on tearing them apart from the inside. Beast and one of his blind patients, Carly, fall in love together. But Carly's father is a mutant hater and won't stand to see them associating with each other. When the Friends Of Humanity kidnap Carly for associating with a mutant, Wolverine, Beast, and the FOH come full circle. Meanwhile, in the Savage Land, Xavier and Magneto are struggling to survive.

Wolverine says his name is "John Logan". Wolverine for the longest time thought his name was Logan due to past memories, a lot were fake and implanted in his head by Weapon X. His real name was revealed to be James Howlett in the comics.

DEBUT: Amphibious in the Savage Land

When Wolverine infiltrated the F.o.H. headquarters he was wearing a hat simular to the MLB team Oakland Athletics, but with diffrent colors.

Wolverine hints at in the first time in the series that Creed is the son of Sabertooth. Which he proves to be true.

In the comics, Sabretooth's real name is Victor Creed. It was changed to Graydon Creed Sr. for the series in order to avoid any ambiguity regarding Graydon Jr.'s parentage.

Episode credited cast:
Cedric Smith Cedric Smith - Professor Charles Xavier (voice)
Cathal J. Dodd Cathal J. Dodd - Wolverine / Logan (voice) (as Cal Dodd)
Norm Spencer Norm Spencer - Cyclops / Scott Summers (voice)
Chris Potter Chris Potter - Gambit / Remy LeBeau (voice)
George Buza George Buza - Beast / Dr. Henry 'Hank' McCoy (voice)
Catherine Disher Catherine Disher - Jean Grey / Phoenix (voice)
Alyson Court Alyson Court - Jubilee / Jubilation Lee (voice)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Alison Sealy-Smith Alison Sealy-Smith
John Stocker John Stocker - Graydon Creed (voice)
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