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A love story about city girl Sydney, a relapsed drug addict, who is convinced to journey to a country cabin by her fiance Tom, in order to clean up.

Featured in season two of Film School Shorts (2013), {Together Alone (#201)}_.

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    • Author: Rishason
    This short was just recently showcased on "Short Film Festival" on local PBS. It is quite engrossing, I usually start a film with Four Stars and remove one for each error. I honestly could find none- unless the cuteness of the couple can count as one (the female character was just a bit TOO 'clean' and fresh-looking to be an ex-drug abuser in my opinion) the setting is a snowy mountainous locale, scene consists of a young couple on a short trip, who change from a wrecked truck to a snowmobile- and things happen. The direction, acting and dialogue put you in the shoes of the characters. Not once did I find myself saying "Ach- that would NEVER happen" or "Nobody talks like that!" the film did *exactly* what it wanted to viewer to feel- to think, to cry. Excellent.
  • Credited cast:
    Michael Hogan Michael Hogan - Frank
    Wayne Wilcox Wayne Wilcox - Tom
    Zoe Winters Zoe Winters - Sydney
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