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Max cashed five months rent in advance from his blindly accepted new roommate Chase, but Dave and Alex agree the man's life is as cool as his stuff, so they set out to find the elusive womanizer who seems missing, only to accidentally turn Max's benefactor into a vindictive exposure-ruined player. Pete has a hard time to make Penny admit she should hang out with his friends too, and changes his mind when she does disastrously.Brad changes his mind about not wanting to spend time with Jane's visiting youth friend Ryanwhen he finds it's a lesbian ex from her student experimenting period, but soon gets bored and jealous, even competitive about his own ex.

When talking about tracking down Chase, Alex and Max start listing acronyms and Alex says, CTU. CTU was the "Counter Terrorism Unit" where her character's father, Jack Bauer" on the show 24 worked.

Episode cast overview:
Eliza Coupe Eliza Coupe - Jane Kerkovich-Williams
Elisha Cuthbert Elisha Cuthbert - Alex Kerkovich
Zachary Knighton Zachary Knighton - Dave Rose
Adam Pally Adam Pally - Max Blum
Damon Wayans Jr. Damon Wayans Jr. - Brad Williams
Casey Wilson Casey Wilson - Penny Hartz
Mark-Paul Gosselaar Mark-Paul Gosselaar - Chase
Briga Heelan Briga Heelan - Ryan
Nick Zano Nick Zano - Pete
Kelly Kruger Kelly Kruger - Woman
Aalok Mehta Aalok Mehta - Andrew
Nosheen Phoenix Nosheen Phoenix - Melissa
Marissa Strickland Marissa Strickland - Jenny
Ashley Wood Ashley Wood - Veronica
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