» » Acropolis (2017)

Short summary

Seemingly insignificant college student Carmelia Breland discovers that whatever that has transpired in her life will be the key to the future of humanity.

Cast overview:
Laura Tremblay Laura Tremblay - Carmelia Breland
John Cianciolo John Cianciolo - Handicapped Sam
Danelene O'Flynn Danelene O'Flynn - Law Professor
Gus Weinhart Gus Weinhart - Julius Caesar / Adolf Hitler
Michael Lake Michael Lake - Marcus Brutus
Homa Kameh Homa Kameh - Indira Gandhi
Rathodsathan 'Rathod' Ranganathan Rathodsathan 'Rathod' Ranganathan - Satwant Singh
Sanjay Pavone Sanjay Pavone - Male Student / Beant Singh
Sundance Nagrial Sundance Nagrial - Student #2
Alex Kotsyk Alex Kotsyk - Student #3
Kira Kyle Kira Kyle - Student #4
Tony Zhang Tony Zhang - Student #5
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