» » Future Perfect (2017)

Short summary

In a luxurious plastic surgery clinic in Seoul, several stories unfold. A patient awaits recovery, parents take their daughter home - now that she's ready for college - and a lonely receptionist tries to impress her bored colleague. Together, these patients and employees in and around the clinic desire for some unseen future.

Cast overview:
Yekyong Choe Yekyong Choe - Daughter Lee
Anastasia Kim Anastasia Kim - Mrs. Lee
Yongun Lee Yongun Lee - Mr. Lee
Hyunjo Ahn Hyunjo Ahn - Sauna girl #1
Eunwoo Seo Eunwoo Seo - Sauna girl #2
Jinri Kwon Jinri Kwon - Plain nurse
Dasom Nam Dasom Nam - Mean nurse
Malbok Yang Malbok Yang - Bandaged woman
Hubee Shin Hubee Shin - Burger girl
Sung Eun Ji Sung Eun Ji - Before patient
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