» » Errors in Geography: Fat Duck Surprise (2015)

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Surreal music video about duck and luck.
Surreal music video about duck and luck.

Nikolay Yeriomin: [multilinguality] English (most of the song's lyrics, t-shirts and credits), Ukrainian (flyer and shampoo bottle label), Russian (partially epigraphs).

Nikolay Yeriomin: [titles and credits] end credits are rolling over the footage of ducks in the lake.

Nikolay Yeriomin: [Askold Tutylopydirskiy] additional credit "Askold Tutylopydirskiy was here" rolls on the copyright notice.

Nikolay Yeriomin: [Communal Universes] Askold Tutylopydirskiy, Mr. Keychain, D. Uckling, Mojito.

Nikolay Yeriomin: [J. Stolen] credited as a duck trainer.

Nikolay Yeriomin: [homeliness and cosiness] an antipodes of sorts is shown, with Yeriomin himself sitting uncomfortably near the door and drinking shampoo.

Nikolay Yeriomin: [surrealism] whole video.

Nikolay Yeriomin: [long hair] Yeriomin himself.

Nikolay Yeriomin: [Ukraine] the flyer is in Ukrainian.

Cast overview:
Errors in Geography Errors in Geography - Themselves
Nikolay Yeriomin Nikolay Yeriomin - Errors in Geography
Slava Pustovalov Slava Pustovalov - Errors in Geography
Yaroslav Kozak Yaroslav Kozak - Errors in Geography
Mikhail Bondarev Mikhail Bondarev - Errors in Geography
Leonid Syplyi Leonid Syplyi - Errors in Geography (as Leonid Sipliy)
D. Uckling D. Uckling - Duck
Sergey Ishinov Sergey Ishinov - Dancer #1
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