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As winter holidays approach, Errors in Geography play their song about it, hoping for better.
As winter holidays approach, Errors in Geography play their song about it, hoping for better.

Nikolay Yeriomin: [Askold Tutylopydirskiy] A footnote on the censored word's subtitle "Sh*tfest" says that "Also Askold Tutylopydirskiy's Obscene Words Dictionary suggests that it is roughly translated as "F*ck" or "A*s".

Nikolay Yeriomin: [multilinguality] The song and titles are in English, post-credits scene has subtitled dialogue in Russian, there are numerous signs and writings in Ukrainian seen through the video and Mikhail Bondarev is seen with a Vietnamese-Russian dictionary.

Nikolay Yeriomin: [homeliness or cosiness] Anton Yevtikhov lounging behind Yeriomin as he addresses the audience.

Nikolay Yeriomin: [extensive use of surrealism] set decorations and drinking shampoo instead of champagne.

Nikolay Yeriomin: [actors portraying multiple roles] Slava Pustovalov

Nikolay Yeriomin: [post-credits scene] there are two (not counting Yeriomin himself shown in black-and-white on the credits): a montage of shots made on December in 2009-2015 and then a short dialogue between Yeriomin and his roommates over filming process.

Nikolay Yeriomin: [long hair] Yeriomin himself.

Nikolay Yeriomin: [scene in which song corresponds nearly shot-to-shot to what is going on when it plays] most of the video.

Nikolay Yeriomin: [Mikhail Bondarev, Yaroslav Kozak, Leonid Syplyi and Kate Zhuchenko] Frist three are heavily featured as members of the band, while Zhuchenko is credited as a "muse" and appears as "Sudden Actor".

Cast overview:
Errors in Geography Errors in Geography - Themselves
Nikolay Yeriomin Nikolay Yeriomin - Errors in Geography
Slava Pustovalov Slava Pustovalov - Errors in Geography / Mr. Hat / Mr. Shoe
Yaroslav Kozak Yaroslav Kozak - Errors in Geography
Mikhail Bondarev Mikhail Bondarev - Errors in Geography
Leonid Syplyi Leonid Syplyi - Errors in Geography (as Leonid Sipliy)
Anton Yevtikhov Anton Yevtikhov - Sudden Actor (as Anton Evtikhov)
Evgeniy Vinogradov Evgeniy Vinogradov - Sudden Actor (as Evgeniy Voskresenskiy)
Kate Zhuchenko Kate Zhuchenko - Sudden Actor
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