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    • Author: Ffyan
    I cannot believe I am commenting on this one, i saw it quite a long time ago and I don't think I can find it now. As far as I recall it was a pitiful parody of stallone movie, but sometimes i miss this turkeys. The same actor made other movie "Rocky Tango 4", I never saw it but sure it was even worse. To sum up, this was incredibly cheesy, jokes was just unbereable including a reference to the delightful song:"We are the world" but despite everything I do not know why Spanish freaks don't recover this, for the freaky fans, this is a must. And oh!, i was about forgetting about it but the acting is the most atrocious I have ever seen, specially the Gay character.
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    • Author: Macage
    A typical Philippino movie, combining a little of this action movie (Rambo), a little bit of that comedy (Stripes, Police Academy), and a touch of a romance movie (choose any film). As usual, lighting and audio are atrocious, making it hard to see and hear what is going on. Redford White is a screw-up who somehow finds himself in military basic training. Platoon consists of standard characters (gay, romeo, commando, etc...) Upon completion of training, they have to go behind enemy lines to rescue hostages. What follows is slapstick and carnage. If you are not looking to learn any military tactics, and are looking to waste 90 minutes of your life, this can fill your objective. If you want something better, try "Elvis And James". Good comedy, good looking girls, and better than expected.
  • Credited cast:
    Redford White Redford White - Johnny Rambo Tango
    Panchito Panchito
    Roderick Paulate Roderick Paulate
    Palito Palito
    Jograd de la Torre Jograd de la Torre - (as Jograd)
    Liz Alindogan Liz Alindogan
    Nanette Inventor Nanette Inventor
    Cachupoy Cachupoy
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Seratin Fernandez Seratin Fernandez
    Victor Garcia Victor Garcia
    Isidora Pitago Isidora Pitago
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