» » Love Ain't Suppose to Hurt (2006)

Short summary

A videotaped stage play has a father who raised his daughter after her mother passed away. The daughter has a baby and lives at home with her father who helps raise his grandson. The aunt comes by with both wanted and unwanted spiritual advice and she has a girlfriend who loves to gossip on the telephone and give unwanted advice. The daughter falls in love with a man who takes money from her and wines and dines with other women. Her son gets shot and becomes paralyzed, his therapist comes home to help him gain the use of his legs and falls in love with his mother. Meanwhile, his girlfriend announces she is pregnant and everyone knows but him.

Cast overview:
NeiCe Knight-Preuitt NeiCe Knight-Preuitt - Tracie (as Nei-ce Knight-Preuitt)
Tyler Acker Tyler Acker - Tyrell
Rickie Vermont Rickie Vermont - J.T. Miller
Shanelle Sololmon Shanelle Sololmon - Monique
Rory Darvel Rory Darvel - Brian
Ax'nt Ax'nt - Rachel
Bridgette Bentley Bridgette Bentley - Aunt Shirley
Tony Grant Tony Grant - Mark
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