» » The Comic Strip Presents... Space Virgins from Planet Sex (1982– )

The Comic Strip Presents... Space Virgins from Planet Sex (1982– ) watch online HD

The Comic Strip Presents... Space Virgins from Planet Sex (1982– ) watch online HD
  • Original title:Space Virgins from Planet Sex
  • Category:TV Episode / Comedy
  • Released:1982–
  • Director:Keith Allen,Peter Richardson
  • Actors:Sara Stockbridge,Jennifer Saunders,Dawn French
  • Writer:Peter Richardson,Pete Richens
  • Duration:31min
  • Video type:TV Episode

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Short summary

A craft full of Space Rats,glamorous extra-terrestrials from the planet Sex,arrive on Earth desperate to find men with whom they can procreate in order to ensure the continuity of their race and whom they imprison in their sex factory. Fortunately for the world the secret agent James Blond,a decidedly non-feminist secret agent,sets out to rescue the men and see off the Space Rats in his own inimitable way.

User reviews

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    • Author: Kulalbine
    In this episode they combine a parody of James Bond and a parody of 50's B sci-fi movies and it's not as great as it sounds.I really loved Richardson's character James Blonde but French and Saunders as the space virgins is a bit disappointing.Robbie Coltane's space character rambles on for far too long.He should have had two sentences, that's all that was needed.But he almost bores you to sleep with an unnecessary, unfunny speech to the space girls.Meanwhile, Blonde has to get re-brainwashed because he keeps killing girls.It continues that pattern throughout the episode.The girls doing something really boring then cut to Richardson being hilarious.The worst part is that the ending is just dumb.This is another very average episode.
  • Episode cast overview, first billed only:
    Sara Stockbridge Sara Stockbridge - Shaaron
    Jennifer Saunders Jennifer Saunders - Needle
    Dawn French Dawn French - Gaynor
    Robbie Coltrane Robbie Coltrane - Zorran / 'N'
    Peter Richardson Peter Richardson - James Blonde
    Keith Allen Keith Allen - Martin Aimless
    Miranda Richardson Miranda Richardson - Miss Straugheim
    Adrian Edmondson Adrian Edmondson - 'K' / Air Traffic Controller
    Kevin Allen Kevin Allen - Kevin
    Gary Beadle Gary Beadle - Gary
    George Antoni George Antoni - Darren (as George Yiasoumi)
    Mark Caven Mark Caven - Colonel
    Derren Nesbitt Derren Nesbitt - Prime Minister
    Phil Cornwell Phil Cornwell - Professor / Jerry the Driver
    Doon Mackichan Doon Mackichan - Daisy / Zapping Space Rat
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