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    • Author: Stoneshaper
    A two-reel offering, centering about Asa, a half-breed theological student. We see him arriving home among the Indians and preaching among them. Then he meets the colonel's daughter in the woods and assists her with her lame horse. She takes him to the fort, where he relieves the chaplain, who is ill. Other characters are introduced, including Mona, Asa's sister, and the young officer who insults her. The story is not very new, but it is logically worked out and holds the attention. The photography gives some splendid sunlight effects, though at times the focus is not quite accurate. The second reel works up to a strong, though rather obvious, climax. - The Moving Picture World, April 12, 1913
  • Cast overview:
    Francis Ford Francis Ford
    Grace Cunard Grace Cunard
    Mona Darkfeather Mona Darkfeather
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