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Amos Burke is an L.A. cop who's inherited millions and usually arrives at crime scenes in a chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce. Investigating the death of actress Julie Greer, he finds lots of suspects - but the killer's identity surprises him.

The pilot for Burke's Law (1963). However, by the time the show started regular production, Dick Powell had died and the role of Amos Burke went to Gene Barry.

John Damler plays the character Regis Toomey played in the subsequent "Burke's Law (1963)" TV series spun off from this segment.

When this first episode was turned into the popular "[tt=nm0056745]" series two years later, there were a few changes made, although Leon Lontoc retained his role as Henry, the chauffeur. Amos Burke, an inspector in this story, was promoted to captain for the series (making it unlikely that he would be involved in hands-on murder investigations, rather than administration), whilst Detective Les Hart, a very minor figure here, became a regular sidekick as well as a much older man. Most noticeable as a difference is that, in this original Amos Burke story, Burke has no philosophical apothegms to utter, and never uses the phrase, "Burke's Law!".

Closing credits: The characters and events depicted in this photoplay are fictional. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Nick Adams, Ralph Bellamy, Edgar Bergen, Lloyd Bridges, Jack Carson, Carolyn Jones, Ronald Reagan, Mickey Rooney and Kay Thompson all receive 'Guest Stars In Alphabetical Order' credits.

Of the listed guest stars in this segment, Nick Adams, Edgar Bergen, Carolyn Jones and Mickey Rooney all went on to play guest shots in the subsequent "Burke's Law (1963)" spin-off series, which began two years later. The first three each appeared more than once; Dean Jones and Edward Platt also appeared in "Burke's Law (1963)" stories.

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    • Author: Gagas
    You have already read the topic line I presume, so I won't add much to that summary. Dick Powell is exquisite in this cop character. The kind I have never seen before in a series or a movie. But beware, this kind of tale can not only be seen as a sort of comedy. It's an offbeat crime routine scheme. No matter the investigation, at least for me, only the characterization is important. Just appreciate this pure delightful episode. And I don't speak of Ronnie Reagan's, Mickey Rooney's or Lloyd Bridges' presence. But I still don't believe in this billionaire cop's character, no, I don't believe it. An unforgettable episode, I assure. Directed by Robert Ellis Miller
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    • Author: Melipra
    It might have been interesting had Dick Powell lived another decade and actually starred in Burke's Law on a weekly basis. He's still the millionaire cop that we grew to know in the mid 60s where I think Gene Barry was a far more elegant figure than Powell was in the pilot. Even though Powell was dead his Four Star Television production company produced Burke's Law.

    Only Leon Lontoc repeated his role as Henry the chauffeur in the television series. The two cop sidekicks here instead of Gary Conway and Regis Toomey are Dean Jones and Edward Platt.

    The format is the same as Amos Burke millionaire homicide detective catches the case and then gets driven to interview the various persons of interest that come up in the investigation. Those are the guest stars in every show and the show did have some name people. In this pilot Carolyn Jones, model and dancer, who was involved with several men is the victim of strangulation.

    In the introduction Powell says that in this show several old and new Hollywood friends appear. A new friend might be Dean Jones who would get his own series with Four Star, Ensign O'Toole shortly. An old friend would be Ronald Reagan who plays an old time western star now with a new lease on life via television. Reagan was quoted that as a young contract player with Warner Brothers the best friends he made on that lot were Pat O'Brien and Dick Powell. Others in the show are Kay Thompson, Nick Adams, Edgar Bergen, Ralph Bellamy, and Jack Carson.

    As for the mystery it's a good one. You won't figure this one out.
  • Episode cast overview, first billed only:
    Dick Powell Dick Powell - Himself - Host / Inspector Amos Burke
    Nick Adams Nick Adams - George Townsend
    Ralph Bellamy Ralph Bellamy - Judge Hansen
    Edgar Bergen Edgar Bergen - Dr. Coombs
    Lloyd Bridges Lloyd Bridges - Joe Montana
    Jack Carson Jack Carson - Fairchild
    Carolyn Jones Carolyn Jones - Julie Greer
    Ronald Reagan Ronald Reagan - Rex Kent
    Mickey Rooney Mickey Rooney - Mike Zampini
    Kay Thompson Kay Thompson - Mrs. Pierce
    Dean Jones Dean Jones - Phil Winslow
    Edward Platt Edward Platt - Joe Nolan
    Will J. White Will J. White - Langsner
    John Damler John Damler - Lester Hart
    Elaine Devry Elaine Devry - Miss Lawrence
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