» » USA High West Point (1997–1999)

Short summary

Jackson has a date with Lauren. Unfortunately, it's for the opera. Lauren has an old friend, Wallace "the Whale" who is in Paris now, so Jackson thinks that by letting Wallace takes Lauren to the opera, he can watch the football game that he wants to. But Wallace turns out to be a handsome West Point graduate who has lost all the weight that gave him his nickname. Lauren finds herself attracted to him like never before. Also, Christian is going home to Germany for Oktoberfest, but he doesn't have the funds to take Winnie with him. Lazz offers to double his money in an all-or-nothing game of poker with a local chump named Hadley. But Hadley is no fool: he's a poker shark, and he wins all of Christian's money from Lazz.

Episode credited cast:
Josh Holland Josh Holland - Jackson Greene
Elena Lyons Elena Lyons - Lauren Fontaine
Thomas Magiar Thomas Magiar - Christian Mueller
Marquita Terry Marquita Terry - Winnie Barnes
James Madio James Madio - Bobby Lazzarini
Kristen Miller Kristen Miller - Ashley Elliot
Angela Visser Angela Visser - Gabrielle Dupree
Nicholas Guest Nicholas Guest - Headmaster Patrick Elliot
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
David Chisum David Chisum - Wallace
Jill Ritchie Jill Ritchie - Heather
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